vodspot-logoVideo bookmarking service VodPod has officially unveiled a new service called VodSpot, and it's understandably getting some attention.  VodSpot is a video portal creator that you can use to build your own video site.

What might you want to use VodSpot for?  Well, you may simply have so much video that you need a mini-portal to hold, categorize, and present it all.  Or you may be a mega producer, with thousands of videos scattered across different platforms and players.  Perhaps you're looking to aggregate video content from across several other portal sites—you can do that with ease using VodSpot because it's built on the original VodPod platform.

VodSpot gives users complete control over markup and design, allowing you to customize any theme as little or as much as you like—the template editor is a full-blown code editor nestled neatly within your browser.  You can even skip the themes altogether and create your own theme from scratch thanks to this new custom templating engine dubbed "laminate" .

ReelSEO has been using VodSpot for our own little video aggregation site, tv.reelseo.com, which is a collection of videos about online video (and others that I think are of interest to our readers).  For support, Ive often reached out to the VodPod team and I have to say that they are extremely helpful and easy to work with.  They're also powering video portals for TechCrunch, Talking Points Memo, and many other high profile entities.