Vobile and YuMe Expand Agreement

YuMe, is said to be the largest video advertising network with over 500 premium video sites and 500 million monthly streams. That sounds pretty large to me and might very well be the largest. They've recently teamed up with Vobile who provides video content identification and management services to help increase the ad revenue of the publishers on the network. The new offerings will help better target the ads as Vobile operates the most comprehensive database of authorized video fingerprints, metadata and business rules from major movie studios, television networks and record labels.

With the current features and the new ones from Vobile incorporated YuMe uses advanced targeting technology and its vast network of publishers and advertisers to deliver effective campaigns by matching the needs of advertisers with the right video content.

Now some of us are lazy or we simply don't know about metadata (I hope that's not the case with the ReelSEO readers). So if there's not a lot of metadata attached to a particular video ad it's been shown that revenues are lower. To combat that the Vobile VideoDNA technology provides accurate content identification and enhanced metadata enabling YuMe to fully realize the monetization potential of publisher content.

"Ad revenue often falls short because unknown content cannot be fully monetized," said Yangbin Wang, CEO of Vobile. "

Oddly, I don't recal hearing of either of these companies prior to this announcement so I guess I am lacking in my video ad network knowledge, but one would think that one would hear about the industry's first and largest dedicated video advertising network and advertising management platform. Well color me informed.

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