This is week two of our Viral Prediction Chart where we try to guess what will go viral in the week ahead. Last week's predictions came up with some interesting results and we've also chosen five new videos that we think are in with a chance. We're using Unruly Media’s viral video chart, which ranks the top videos in terms of shares globally as our statistical reference. We regard a video as 'viral' if it at the point of prediction has less than 250,000 total shares and receives a total of 1 million shares or more in 7 days as at Monday 12.00 noon GMT/BST each week.

We will be adding to the prediction chart the 5 videos we think will go viral in the next 7 days, and to get your prediction added to the chart, simply add a comment below and we'll track those in the chart the following Monday and let you know if it makes it according to our criteria.

Results for Predictions on March 17th 2014:

All 5 dropped off the chart and failed the viral test, however in the case of

#1 Three year old arguing with his mother - there was a second edited version of that video that had around the same number of shares last week:

3-year-old Mateo Makes His Case for Cupcakes: "Linda, honey, just listen."

So if we combine the two versions they managed well over 500,000 in shares and 8.2M views all time - which still does not qualify under our viral shares criteria, but proves the point that people love kids mimicking grown ups.

(And sorry Richiebee - Pharrell Williams - "Happy" PARODY (Flappy Bird)- didn't go viral either.

Viral Video Predictions for the Coming Week:

#1 Photoshop Has Gone Too Far: (Current shares: 197,579)

A College Humor parody for all pizza lovers.

#2 Kylie Minogue - Sexercize - Official Video (Current shares: 139,326)

Her record label is pushing Kylie's new album and the hot little queen of pop is a judge on The Voice UK.

#3 Make The Girl Dance - Baby Baby Baby ( official video ) (Current shares: 105,802)

Because it's three models walking through the streets of Paris stark naked!

#4 #Selfie: (Current shares: 92,392)

Three teenagers from San Diego goofing off and taking selfies - these videos can go crazy on Facebook.

#5 The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - Final Trailer (OFFICIAL) (Current shares: 78,795)

Because every thirty-something man who secretly had a Spider Man suit as a kid will love it.