Viral Video Predictions Of The Week: Gravity, Guns and Grief

Viral Video Predictions Of The Week: Gravity, Guns and Grief

Our Viral Prediction Chart is in its fifth week and we're having fun trying to guess what will go viral in the week ahead. We'll review any activity from the previous weeks and we've also chosen six new videos that we think are in with a chance. We're using Unruly Media’s viral video chart, which ranks the top videos in terms of shares globally as our statistical reference. We regard a video as 'viral' if it at the point of prediction has less than 250,000 total shares and receives a total of 1 million shares or more in 7 days as at Monday 12.00 noon GMT/BST each week.

We'll be looking at 6 videos we think will go viral in the next 7 days, and to get your prediction added, simply add a comment below and we'll track those in the chart the following Monday and let you know if it makes it according to our criteria.

Results for Predictions on April 7th 2014

Two of last week's predictions are still in the Unruly 100 chart for the most shares in the last seven days. One is the trailer for the Luc Besson, Scarlett Johansson Movie, 'Lucy' with 90,568 shares in last 7 days

and the other is Crazy Time, Simon's Cat with 65,747 shares in last 7 days

Both still have great share potential.

Viral Video Predictions for the Coming Week

#1 GRAVITY - Exclusive Alternate Scene (Redefines Entire Movie) (Current shares 248,459)

One of hundreds of this year's April fools videos - this spoof has definitely got an extended life and you should watch it if you've seen the actual movie.

#2 One Direction announce next single (Current shares 103,838)

When you're this famous - even 6 seconds will do it!

#3 WISH I WAS HERE - Official Teaser Trailer - In Theaters July 2014 (Current shares 80,820)

Director Zach Braff's follow-up to his indie breakout hit "Garden State" is a comedy - it will be a hit.

#4 What if you were invited to your own funeral? (Current shares 62,288)

Make sure you have closed captions turned on in English (It's in French with German subs) - this Speed Driving Kills Campaign will make you cry.

#5 BREAKING: Militia Arrives at Bundy Ranch (Current shares 51,464)

Its got all the ingredients: snipers, helicopters and heavy equipment.

Thanks to Unruly for the data.

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