ReelSEO Viral Video Of The Week: Carrie Coffee Shop Prank

ReelSEO Viral Video Of The Week: Carrie Coffee Shop Prank

Crazy customer goes bananas and creates a scene right out of a horror film in her local coffee shop. A typical New York day for many I'm sure, so that makes it almost the perfect backdrop for the new "Carrie" movie trailer. Created by the special effects company behind the new film, along with marketing agency Thinkmodo, the hoax has attracted 20,662,280 views since its upload to YouTube 3 days ago, and the video is creating a tonne of buzz for the remake of the 1976 Stephen King screamfest classic.

"Carrie" is/was the story of a young woman who, relentlessly bullied and ostracised by her peers finally realizes that she has telekinetic powers and boy, does she use them to exact revenge on her tormentors.

For the new trailer, a film crew took over the 'sNice Coffee House in the West Village, installed false walls, hidden cameras and other gubbins and set the scene nicely with everyone in on the joke except the actual real customers. Actor person pretends to spill the coffee of another actor who flips out (as you would, it is your morning cup of java after all), throws him against the wall and proceeds to scream the place down amid flying chairs and books. Extras run around creating an atmosphere of panic and tension and real life customers go in to full scale panic at the scene unfolding before them. Look out for the woman who nopes her way out of there around 1:38 and the confused dog at 1:11.

The "Carrie" remake, starring Chloe Moretz and Julianne Moore opens in theatres on October 18th.

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