Viral Video Nostradamus - Babies, Cats and Turtles - Will These Videos Go Viral?

Viral Video Nostradamus   Babies, Cats and Turtles   Will These Videos Go Viral?It's been several weeks since our last Viral Video Nostradamus post, and another attempt at predicting viral success is long overdue.  The hope is that I can hit on at least one of these, and over time begin to have a better understanding about what it is that makes some videos skyrocket and others fizzle.  My track record thus far is pretty… average.  Nowhere to go but up, right?  Let's give it another shot.  Here are a few videos I've seen this week that I believe have great potential to go viral:

Racing Babies

Viral Ingredients: Cute kid, potentially controversial activity (baby racing)

Uploaded: June 22, 2010 (two days ago)

Current View Count (as of this writing): 16,222

Smart Cat

Viral Ingredients: Cute animals, animals behaving abnormally, cat triumph over dog

Uploaded: June 23, 2010 (one day ago)

Current View Count (as of this writing): 367

[Video removed]

Fast Turtle

Viral Ingredients: Cute animals, turtles, animals behaving abnormally

Uploaded: June 22, 2010 (two days ago)

Current View Count (as of this writing): 675

How did I do on my last round of predictions?

Let's take a quick look back at my last set of picks to see how I did:

Ole Miss Student Union Jai Ho Break-Out

View count upon prediction: 19,849

View count today: 698,408

Prediction outcome: correct!

2-Year-Old Baseball Phenom

View count upon prediction: 6,818

View count today: 13,879

Prediction outcome: incorrect

Nigerian Dancing Kids

View count upon prediction: 3,495

View count today: 1,451,324

Prediction outcome: correct!

Running tally on Viral Nostradamus

Predictions: 9

Correct Predictions: 5

Accuracy: 55%

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  • Grant Crowell

    This is fine for entertainment purposes and if your goal for viral video success is achieving a substantial view count. What I'd really be interested in seeing is how any of these videos actually achieved what we would associate as common business goals – even if it is just measuring the amount of click-thru's on the YouTube ad overlays. The only one of these three videos that even hints that there's a business relation is the first, and that's just with a hard-to-see watermark. I don't mean to be a downer, and viral videos are meant to be entertaining. I just want to hear about actual success stories with business or other professional goals behind them, too!