Vine is only a year old, but it constantly surprises us with its innovative content and the outstanding creativity of its subscribers. So many brands are producing consistently excellent, timely footage on the platform and we bring you the best of the bunch each week. Watch as ESPN take us for a down-hill ride on a snowboard, Regal Cinemas transform Frankenstein, Ford have big fun with a not so little truck and Animal squeezes himself and his weapons of choice into the back of an SUV. Many thanks to our friends at Unruly for the suggestions.

Best Branded Short-form Vines of the Week

1. Toyota

With the new Muppet movie out in March, those funny little puppets seem to be launching an all-out media offensive, a la Ron Burgundy. Here, they team up with Toyota to promote the Highlander Super Bowl campaign. Watch as Animal squeezes himself and his drum kit in the back of the SUV. There's absolutely #NoRoomForBoring in Muppet Land.

2. Ford

Ford only made their debt on Vine last week but they are quickly making their presence known with some outstanding content. Superstar Vine creator Ian Padgham demonstrates how big kids like to play with trucks too. We're guessing this wasn't filmed on the East Coast as we see very little sign of snow.

3. Samsung 

Talking of inclement weather, Samsung show us the devastating effect a tornado can have on everyday office products. A very clever way to show off the HD display of the Galaxy Note 3.

4. Regal Cinemas     

I, Frankenstein made its debut in Regal Cinemas across the States last week. It's a film all about transformation, so what better way of showing that process than this stunning stop-motion masterpiece.

5. Oxygen

Cable TV channel Oxygen wanted to promote an episode of its series "Best Ink", and as watercolor tattoos are all the rage these days, why not take that concept literally. Beautiful.


It was the Winter XGames in Aspen, Colorado, last week so ESPN took to Vine to show us couch potatoes how snowboarding should be done.