Vine Wins Out Over Instagram In Twitter Sharing Wars

Vine Wins Out Over Instagram In Twitter Sharing Wars

Everyone's favourite 6 second stop motion video app is hardly out of the crib but it has already established itself as a front runner for social media sharing. We reported last month that five Vine videos are shared on Twitter every second and now Topsy Analytics are confirming that Vine videos gleaned 2.86 million shares on Twitter against Instagram’s 2.17 million shares over a 24 hour period. Just a week after its release on Android, Vine has certainly had more than a helping hand from Twitter since it was launched.  But it's still intriguing to see how successful the app has been, and how it continues to fare in the near future.

How Instagram Lost The Twitter Love And Vine Found It

Vine has a couple of advantages over Instagram when it comes to Twitter. Number One: As of October 2012, Twitter owns it. Number Two: Facebook-owned Instagram has a less-than-harmonious relationship with Twitter which has seen the micro-blogging site remove Instagram's access to its API, and the online photo sharing site pull support for Twitter 'Cards', effectively ending optimization for Instagram images within Twitter's feed. Technical squabbles aside, it seems that the Vine app has caught the public's imagination and the ease with which they can share videos on Twitter makes it an easy option. It's clear that's what people want, especially as Android users have now been invited to the party. Vine has 13 million users compared to Instagram’s 100 million, so further growth will surely mean even more shares on Twitter.

Topsy confirmed that there were approximately 2.37 million links to shared on Twitter on the June 8th, ahead of the 2.14 million links to

Vine Wins Out Over Instagram In Twitter Sharing Wars

Vine is the second most popular non-paid app in the Apple App Store at the moment, with Instagram a little ways behind at 19.

According to Unruly Media, this delightful little Vine from those cheeky One Direction boys topped the most Tweeted Vine chart at 47,894 last month (now 50.4K+ tweets at time of writing). That's a significant amount compared to only 14,007 (at the time of this writing) views the same footage received on YouTube.

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  • Stephane

    This is not exactly an apples to apples comparison since Twitter's prevented Instagram pics to be visualized directly in the feed making much less relevant on Twitter and much less likely that people would actually open it