Private Video Messaging Now Coming to a Vine App Near You

Private Video Messaging Now Coming to a Vine App Near You

In a move that you didn't know you needed, Twitter-owned Vine is introducing a private messaging feature that allows you to reach out to other subscribers on the platform. Now you will no longer have to find others ways of communicating with like-minded Viners, as you'll be able to contact them by either private video or text message. Vine's great competitor, Instagram, launched a similar service, Instagram Direct, in December 2013. Vine's new offering differs as it also allows users to send one-way messages via SMS. You'll also be able to send videos to anyone in your phone's address book, even if they haven't installed Vine.

To record a private Vine message, users will need to select the new “Messages” tab. They can then record their video and send to another single user, or to several friends. Vine confirm that any messages sent will always be on a one-on-basis. If one video is sent to 5 people, that will illicit 5 separate responses. For added privacy from trolls and stalkers, users have an option to receive messages only from the people they actually follow.

Android and iOS users can start using the new feature today. Windows Phone owners look like they may have to wait for their upgrade.

Private Video Messaging Now Coming to a Vine App Near You

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