Vine Shoots to #1 on Apple's Free Apps

Vine Shoots to #1 on Apples Free Apps

Yesterday, Twitter's recently-acquired app Vine hit #1 on Apple's Free Apps iTunes Chart.  After a somewhat rocky beginning, what with the porn and everything, Vine has become the go-to "virtual animated GIF maker" for brands and has shot past Viddy and Socialcam as the top social media video sharing service.  Recently, Vine made improvements to the sharing of the 6-second clips by making it easier to embed them, and added fun little social bells and whistles to them like being able to display them as a "postcard."

Vine Now #1 Free App on iTunes

Here's Vine's Rus Yusopov announcing the milestone via Twitter:

Vine keeps adding things to make the interface easier, and being integrated into Twitter has aided in its success.  The 6-second clip is actually a good thing if you can find a way to use it the right way.  6 seconds is perfect for social media.  The app had a great "coming out" party during the Super Bowl power outage this year.  And eventually, Vine will be on Android devices.  I can only imagine how far this app will go when that happens.

Recently we saw MLB The Show advertising their new game with Vine with "video baseball cards:"

Ease of use, better context...I have a feeling Vine, while possibly never rivaling social photo services like Instagram, will definitely make video much more common to find on your social media destinations during the year.

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