Vimeo Video School Offers Free Video Production Training - Learn How To Produce Better Videos

Vimeo Video School Offers Free Video Production Training   Learn How To Produce Better Videos

Video-sharing website Vimeo has recently launched something called Vimeo Video School, a sort of online university for video creators.  Specifically, it aims to be "a fun place for anyone to learn how to make better videos.”  Oh, and it's completely free.

A free, online, video repository of lessons designed to help me make my videos better?  Yes please… where do I sign up?  (Note: no sign up is actually necessary).

Vimeo Video School - Video 101 Series

Vimeo recommends you start with the Video 101 series, particularly if you're relatively new to making videos.  But this series is quite useful even for veterans who may need a refresher on the basics.  This series includes videos like Choosing A Camera:

As you can see, these are not boring lecture videos.  There's a dash of humor and personality built into the lesson, which helps it feel more like fun than school—and yet, the knowledge and advice is all in there as well.

The Video 101 series also includes lessons like Shooting Basics, Editing Basics, and more.  Definitely worth a look for anyone looking to make great videos.

DSLR Video Series

There's also an entire series on DSLR cameras, including lessons on weighing each DSLR camera's pros and cons before buying, choosing a lens, and much more.  Here's the first video in the series, entitled Introduction to DSLR Cameras With Philip Bloom:

Other Video Lessons

There's another series called Featured Lessons, where the instruction goes deeper and the tutorials get more specific.  Or you can just browse through the entire catalog of tutorial videos that Vimeo has pulled together into various category listings such as Behind The Scenes, Do-It-Yourself, Lighting, Sound, and many more.

Every lesson ends with a Lesson Challenge—a call to action for the viewer to take what they've just learned and apply it to their craft.

In the near future, Vimeo will be rolling out a way for any user to submit their own lessons to be considered for inclusion in the Video School syllabus.

This is huge news for anyone that wants to learn from other successful video creators and continue to hone their craft.  Vimeo, and it's Video School instructors, recognizes that assisting up-and-coming filmmakers will benefit the whole Vimeo community, as well as the online video community at large.

If you've been looking for a good resource for bite-sized video tips and advice, Vimeo Video School is already a great destination.  But it's only going to get better and better, as more lessons are included from a wider variety of users.

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    im a young man passionate in video production but unable to pay my school fees, i'll be grateful for the free lesson to make my dream come true!!

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    this is spectacular! i will definitely be spending some time going through this 'online university'. what a great idea. i'm really beginning to enjoy Vimeo as a resource AND a tool.