Vimeo Launches "PlusStats" Video Analytics for Paid Members

Vimeo Launches PlusStats Video Analytics for Paid MembersVimeo decided it was high time there were some super cool ultra-modern video analytics for Vimeo Plus users, so now you have them.  The analytics for Vimeo Plus users needed a nifty name because typing that all the time is tiring. So they've called it Vimeo Plus Stats.

It slices! It dices! Watch as it cuts through this aluminum can and remains sharp enough to cut through this tomato... (anyone?) Alright so Vimeo Plus Stats can't do any of that. But what it can do is allow you to track:
Vimeo Launches PlusStats Video Analytics for Paid Members

  • Video Plays
  • Video Loads
  • Play to finish
  • Comments
  • Likes (Thumbs up!)

All this in any time range you prefer. You can also get some other info like which country loves your videos the most, who is embedding it where, how often and how many are watching at each site. All that and more including tracking by standard or high Def.

They say that they have already been tracking all this and that they have months of back data for you to pore over as soon as you're ready.

Of course it says Plus Stats and you need a Vimeo Plus membership. That will run you either $60 per year or $10 per month and gets you some other cool stuff (and no ads we hear!)

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