Vimeo Releases Video Sharing Facebook App

Vimeo Releases Video Sharing Facebook AppFor those of you that use facebook, you can now integrate your Vimeo account to your facebook profile with the new Vimeo app for facebook. There are roughly 863 applications on facebook for online video but it is nice to hear about an integration with one of the better online video sharing platforms.

What I have always loved about Vimeo is that they are somewhat of a social video sharing platform already. Now you can introduce videos to a whole new group of friends who can watch the videos without leaving facebook. Clearly, with the growth in popularity of facebook over the past year, vimeo and users of vimeo will benefit from the introduction to this vast new audience and popular social community.

Vimeo Releases Video Sharing Facebook App

Here is an excerpt from Vimeo about the new app:

"The main benefit to you is adding a Vimeo box on your Facebook profile ... allows your Facebook friends to see the videos you put on Vimeo"

You can download the vimeo app for facebook here

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