Vimeo Music Store Launches To Help Easily Add Music To Your Videos

Vimeo Music Store Launches To Help Easily Add Music To Your Videos

It's been a busy couple of weeks for online video platform Vimeo. They launched Vimeo Perks--an online marketplace for video creators to get deals on great production gear, and they also launched the Vimeo Music Store. The Vimeo Music Store is intended to provide a place where Vimeo users can find music that can be licensed for use in their videos.

Vimeo Music Store

The Vimeo Music Store is essentially a liaison between video creators and music that is available for licensing. Some of the music is free to use, but a lot of it will require you to pay a fee in order to use it. And while that might initially sound like a negative, I think it's actually a positive.

See, free music is usually not very good... and it's certainly not as high-quality as music you can license from professional musicians and organizations. Vimeo has long had high standards for video and artistic quality, and a free-music-only service would degrade that. Besides, I don't think most Vimeo users want free music anyway for this very reason.

Vimeo Music Store Launches To Help Easily Add Music To Your Videos

Music is searchable by keyword (genre, style, mood, etc.), recommendations, user saved tracks, and user downloads.

Here's a video about the Vimeo Music Store:

The music comes from partner sources like Audiosocket and Free Music Archive. The vast majority of the tracks at these sites are professional, yet not from mainstream recording artists. Both commercial and personal licenses are available in the Vimeo Music Store, though most of the free tracks are relegated to personal-license-use only.

All in all I think it's a great move, and Vimeo is adding yet another great tool to the Vimeo experience. You can check out the Vimeo Music Store here, or view the complete service FAQ here.

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  • Mari Cor

    isn't this post way too late? I've read about this Vimeo Music Store two months ago at a blog post in buyrealvimeoviews(dot)com.

    • Mari Cor

      Grant Crowell very well... I was just expecting updates. No offense though, I got your point... I know a lot of people appreciate it. I do too, reelseo is a good place to get updates with regards to videos. :)