Vimeo To Launch Support for 1080p Full HD Video vimeo hd The pipes that form the backbone of the information superhighway are about to get a bit less empty.  After a lively forum post on Vimeo about 1080p support, Vimeo has decided that they will begin accepting and hosting 1080p video. What's that mean for you?

Nothing. That would have been a short post no?

OK, seriously it means that online streaming video quality will now match that of the best that TV can handle. It means that your internet videos can now look the best they can (and you can count the hairs on my chin). Will they? Well that's hard to say. You'll need some seriously stable and big bandwidth to get them without constant lag and buffering. It also could be that while the video is in 1080p the quality still isn't as good as television due to the encoding and compression used to make those videos stream-able.

Of course that's a lot of bandwidth for Vimeo as well so they're going to charge you extra. You'll have to be a Plus member for $60/year or $10/month. You'll also still need a monitor that's capable of full HD or a 1080p capable HDTV (and a big bandwidth pipe).

Now YouTube already rolled out their 1080p service but the two platforms sort of cater to different groups of people. With these two going down Route 1080p it's only a matter of time before everyone starts jumping in their suped up hot rod video sharing platforms and starts doing the same.

That reminds me, I need to go get a faster Internet connection (and an HDTV for that matter).

  • Tuco

    What's the point. I set my 720p video settings per Vimeo's recommendations and some time later they compressed the holly crap out of it to the point things got blurry. The quality is now really bad.

  • Barnet

    Then in future people can upload HD video onto this website, and viewers can enjoy higher resolution. Fabulous~!

  • Blogpost48

    Great Vimeo.I has the Support for 1080p Full HD Video.

  • data recovery

    Videos in 1080p?!! Time to upgrade my internet connection I guess

  • danimations

    As an independent video producer, it's still not worthwhile us finishing projects that are primarily for the web in anything higher than 720p resolution. This informs the res we choose to shoot our work on too... to be honest, I doubt there'll be much demand for the 1080p difference on either site. Maybe for production co's showreels, but for anyone who has to edit extensively, it just ain't worth the pain and extra drain on resources.

  • frlane

    ....But they'll still remove half the stuff you upload.

  • mikeedgell

    That's great news Vimeo, I find its an incredible gathering place for people and cinematographers who care about real storytelling