Today, Vimeo is announcing a partnership with Vivoom, a video enhancer that is used by the likes of Sony, Warner Bros., and ESPN.  The feature is called "Looks," and will be a new addition to Vimeo's Enhancer toolbox, where creators will be able to use more than 500 different video enhancements to try to achieve professional-looking polish to the final product.  Enhancer has been a part of Vimeo for nearly a year, it has been the destination for Vimeo's music store where you can choose from tens of thousands of tracks to lay down on your video.

Now, adding some punch to video you may not be quite pleased with is available on site.

Vimeo's Enhancer Now Includes 'Looks'

Here are just a few of the "Looks" you can choose from with the new video application:

Vimeo Gives Creators Video Enhancement Capabilities with Looks vimeolooks 606x349

Sometimes you've shot footage and something just doesn't look right.  That's what these filters are here for, to express some certain mood that you couldn't quite capture while shooting.  If you want to see some of these filters in action in a short video, the Vivoom website has one here.

What's cool about this feature is that you can take a frame of your video and see what it looks like through all the filters without having to apply each one individually, that way you can compare them all and pick and choose without guessing.  When searching for different looks, the filters are broken down into categories like Genres, Characteristics, Moods, Locations, Time, Holidays, and Colors, and then broken down even further into sub-categories.  It's probable you'll find something that will work.

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"Looks" will be free for 90 days for registered users, but it looks like each "Look" will cost 99 cents when the trial period ends.

  • JoeC

    Seems like a product that YouTube should have released. From my experience, Vimeo users are well versed in post production techniques and would have already applied a filter, if that's the look they're going for.

    Same reservations as timeoutofmind, who wants the same arty Instagram filter over their entire video including titles etc?

  • flyhopper

    Excellent! ... for instagramers...

  • timeoutofmind

    uhhhhhhhhhhhh .... no. do i use looks selectively in every project ? yes. am i going to plaster one vimeo look on top of my video from one end to the other, coloring everything including any titles and graphics with one hell bent look ? no.