Vimation Launches Dynamic XML Sitemap Capabilities for Flash Video

Vimation Launches Dynamic XML Sitemap Capabilities for Flash VideoSearching Flash has never been an easy task. Optimizing your Flash content for searching has been an ever more difficult task requiring you to manually generate files, information and sitemaps.  So the folks over at Vimation thought they would make a platform called VIM which would make it all far simpler.

The VIM platform is capable of exporting XML documents which include all relevant information about all of the Flash videos that are listed in the admin console. The really great and promising thing about it all is that it's dynamic. This means that when you change or add a video to the console VIM will know it's there and pull all the necessary data that needs to be indexed and searchable for you.

Since search engines haven't been able to pull information out of Flash, including content and links for the most part, Vimation thought it was time someone did something about it. While Google is beginning to make some headway in this department it's still not a totally proven solution. At present it can only extract text and links from Flash. But this does not include the video environment within a Flash video player.

David Hemingway, chief executive, Vimation, said the company has made two significant enhancements to its VIM Platform. "Content owners or publishers can extract content, such as video titles, descriptions and keywords, from the console and publish them automatically into a video site map format.

What makes the VIM platform different is that it is able to pull information and dynamically create a usable Google video XML sitemap. It takes all the necessary information for the sitemap including video title, description and keywords and then formats it accordingly into an XML sitemap file.  Why more video hosting platforms don't do this, I have no idea.  Seems like a no-brainer to me.  This is something that Ooyala has provided with their syndication and distribution options for some time.

While other platforms have been able to do this manually, VIM does it automatically and whenever a video is added or updated to the console the video sitemap is regenerated and republished.

"The VIM console creates and updates a video site map document that is pre-formatted per Google's site map specifications ready for a customer to download and deliver," said David.

Other things that the VIM platform offers is a more interactive experience with links and popup text overlays (see the video blog for examples), advertising platform functionality, product placement and hot spotting' of those products for instant ecommerce.

Some big names have joined the VIM family including Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai, SeenOn, Lincoln (autos), Puma and even Atari.

For more information head over to the Vimation website:

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  • Robbie

    This is very good news indeed! I had been looking for such a thing for the last years in vane. It seems that Google and other major search engines tend to ignore (or dislike) much of the flash content.