How Many Views Per Hour is Your YouTube Video Getting?

As a brand, creator, or video marketer, there is nothing more exciting - or nerve-racking - than tracking how your video content is performing in the hours, and days after its upload. We know that 42% of social shares occur within the first 72 hours, and that those shares can be tracked across Facebook, and Twitter. But how is that video faring on YouTube in terms of views per hour? A new feature on the VidIQ Chrome Extension will give you that very data, as well as real-time metrics for YouTube comments, views, and subscribers, plus stats on social media engagement.

We took a look at one particular video from Buzzfeed. Uploaded yesterday (06/06/14), it features kittens and ZeFrank, so it already hit the ground running, but what kind of attention has it attracted within the past 24 hours. If you haven't seen it, here's the best 3 minutes you will spend today (unless you're a dog person):

Buzzfeed has an enviable social network strategy underpinning the content it posts, so it's no surprise to see just how well the video has done, using data from the VidIQ Chrome extension. In the hours since the video was posted to the BuzzFeedVideo YouTube channel, it has already attracted:

  • 4.5K+ Facebook Likes
  • 6.5K Facebook Shares
  • 22.2K YouTube Likes
  • 622 Tweets
  • 4K+ Google +1's
  • 1,719 Reddit Karma

All stats at time of writing:

How Many Views Per Hour is Your YouTube Video Getting? dear kitten vidiq 750x381

The stats for Reddit are particularly interesting, as a video that makes the 'Front Page' of that site, or even the front page of a very popular subreddit like r/videos, can explode across the internet. Reddit is also fertile ground for buzzworthy content that sites such as LaughingSquid, Gawker, ThePoke, and others will pick up and run with.

In the 21 hours since the video was uploaded by user ZeFlawLP (no relation to ZeFrank, we think....), it attracted 1668 karma votes (upvotes) for this posting. That was enough to push it to the front page of that subreddit, one of Reddit's most popular with 5.3 million subscribers. The video has (at time of writing) also been submitted to other subreddits, and looks like it is going to be evergreen content for cat lovers on the site to upload periodically for the next few months. With a potential audience of millions on Reddit, plus its own dedicated social following, its easy to see how the video took off in its first few hours.

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How Many Views Per Hour is Your YouTube Video Getting? reddit kitten youtube 606x69

The 'Dear Kitten' video is currently averaging around 22,000 views per hour on YouTube. These kind of metrics are golden for marketers who want to track the virality, and engagement of their videos. Buzzfeed has an enormous reach and its content will fly whatever time of day its uploaded (although the brand tests everything to within an inch of its life so they know exactly what works for them, and what doesn't), but this data is handy for marketers to test out the best time for uploads, and how their videos perform against a social marketing push. It can't harm any competitor research you might want to carry out either.

How Many Views Per Hour Is Your Video Getting on YouTube?

VidIQ's new feature aims to take the guesswork out of your video content's performance. Now creators, and marketers can ascertain how fast a video is trending based on a number of metrics, particularly Views Per Hour (VPH):

How Many Views Per Hour is Your YouTube Video Getting? vidiq

The top trending videos on YouTube usually attract between 100-200K Views per Hour. VidIQ calculated the following Velocity metrics for the most viral videos of the past few years:

If you are tracking the performance of a video then you'll need as many data points as possible, so it's worth adding VidIQ's software to your toolbox.

  • Dane Golden

    Super-interesting. Thanks Carla for the post. Great job VidIQ!

    • Rob Sandie

      Thanks Dane!

  • Steven Chessin

    What is the relationship of these views to dollars ?

    • Rob Sandie

      Hi Steven - Rob here at vidIQ.

      ROI on YouTube pertains to whether your a brand or media company. Regardless, the best kind of view you can gather is an organic one. (higher subs rates, ad revenue generating)

      Someone that's searching for your content or organically finding it is going to drive ad revenue and/or brand awareness.

      If we are able to leverage unique metrics like Views Per Hour to have a heartbeat on YouTube.. we can better optimize our content.

      We may have assets in our internal library that might be relevant to the asset trending at the moment.

      We can better choose titles/descriptions/etc.

      We can create more relevant content in an active content creation schedule.

      "Top Lists on YouTube kind of address that"

      Sure, but you really don't get any sense of how fast that content is moving from day-to-day. Sure it's one of the top videos on YouTube, but how big of a video is it at that very moment? What's the long-tail looking like on this video? Will it be relevant by the time I finish creating and editing a video?

      All information to help make brands and creators more powerful at what they do on an ongoing basis and answer these daily questions.

      • Steven Chessin

        Rob -- Long ago, on the first day of marketing 101 I was taught - the purpose of entertainment is to separate commercials.

        "Someone that's searching for your content or organically finding it is going to drive ad revenue and/or brand awareness."

        ... so ... if the entertainment is kittens ... rap music bikini car washes .... do the high play counts get automatically sold to advertisers ? In the sample here 5.5 million views including major national and regional sponsors -- putting their name on a vid with a car doing 150 mph simply to get giggles and jiggles from a model. Please help me understand why irrelevant mass views becomes relevant to sponsors -- or -- does it not matter -- as long as the numbers are high enough ?