Viewcast Expands H.264 Offerings

Viewcast Expands H.264 OfferingsViewCast today announced support of H.264 streaming with Adobe Flash Media Server software. ViewCast's Niagara 7500 streaming appliance and Niagara SCX software will now stream in H.264 using the Real Time Message Protocol (RTMP) – a proprietary protocol developed by Adobe, designed for high-performance transmission of audio, video, and data between Adobe Flash Platform technologies, allowing the Niagara SCX software to work seamlessly with the Adobe Flash Media Server software.

ViewCast customers will now be able to deliver the rich, real-time Adobe Flash Platform experience to a broad range of applications, such as broadcast, video conferencing, video-on-demand, streaming and multimedia messaging via mobile phones and the Internet.

ViewCast President and CEO Dave Stoner said, "Increasing ViewCast's share of the streaming video marketplace requires constant innovation and support of new technologies with industry leaders such as Adobe. Our broadened support of H.264 is evidence of our commitment and ability to accomplish those goals and create a wider platform for growth."

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