There are a lot of great benefits a business can get from posting their video to YouTube, including sharing options, statistics, and access to the audience at the largest video site in the world. But YouTube doesn't work for everyone, particularly businesses that are concerned about maintaining consistent branding and complete control. A new service, called vidmeup, is generating buzz by offering a tantalizing alternative to YouTube: a free videosite.

vidmeup is a great solution for all kinds of businesses, with early customers coming from fields like web development, video production, and marketing. If you have any kind of video portfolio you'd like to share with the world--while still maintaining your branding--this could be worth checking out.

From the vidmeup website:

"So a while ago we were hunting for somewhere to put the videos we love making on the web, but noticed something rather familiar about social video sites - we had to put up with their terrible branding."

Another big selling point of vidmeup is the lack of "related videos" YouTube tacks onto the end of your clips.

vidmeup is using the popular "fremium" model, where the base service is completely free--and it will always be, according to their website--but for a monthly subscription fee, businesses can gain access to a few other bells and whistles like larger upload limits or membership capabilities. Packages range from $9.95 to $99.95.

vidmeup pricing

There appear to be plenty of layout and design customization options as well, as you can see from this screenshot of their gallery:

Businesses looking for an alternative to the heavy branding offered by most free video hosting solutions can have their cake and eat it too with vidmeup, creating a customized branded videosite. The service is still in beta, but it's a public beta, so you're able to join in right now if you like. And after all, it's free... so what have you got to lose?

  • richiebee

    great just what i was looking for free video hosting!

  • Robert_Rowshan

    vidmeup is much cheaper than other alternatives like wistia ($23/month) but what I'd like to know is how fast is the download or buffering? can they handle HD videos without losing speed?

  • Robert_Rowshan

    vidmeup is much cheaper than other alternatives like wistia ($23/month) but what I'd like to know is how fast is the download or buffering? can they handle HD videos without losing speed?

  • Richie Dood

    loving check out my site

  • Ruth Hussey

    Vidmeup / Free / 750 MB / Any limit on video length if under 750 MB? Does length matter with Free version? / Where is Vidmeup Customer Support / thanks / JOHN LONGENECKER / [email protected]

    • Ruth Hussey

      Free Package / 20 min. Max Video Length / 750 MB / JOHN LONGENECKER / see: Oscar Winning Short / JOHN LONGENECKER

  • VideoLeadsOnline

    I have not looked at it yet, but is it really all that different than the host (punny, eh) of other free video sites out there?

    It appears in the screen shot above, that the free version still shows the vidmeup branding whilst you need to pay $15/mo. to have their logo removed.

    Viddler had/has? a free solution that allowed you to upload a watermark logo that showed on top of your video and it could be clickable to take the clicker to your own site... right on the video itself.

    Does Vidmeup let you add interactive links on top of the video that can go to your own site?

  • William Peck

    Jeremy, I usually love your work, but you dropped the ball on this one. There's no comparison stats or specifics at all. How's it different from Vimeo or any other video site that sells memberships? And you say "there appear to be" many customization options? Do you not know? Your work is usually so research intensive. This one reads like a press release and smells like a paid advertisement.

  • Pam Brossman

    I set mine up straight away. Still having a few glitches with the free version but it seems to be a stable alternative for those not wanting to use YouTube. You can check out my videmeup here

  • Brad

    Fantastic idea and fantastic site. I'm using it in conjunction with our other sites and plan I on using it for my clients monetized content delivery. I'm expecting big things to happen for Vidmeup over the next few months as more and more people find out how Vidmeup can make there business grow. There's nothing out there quite like it.

  • Brad Bleich

    I put up free site in just a couple of hours. Check it out
    Vidmeup also has an Enterprise Level that makes it possible to monetize your content. Very cool.

  • Holly Fraser

    Gorgeous girl from new girl band called 'Honeybun', catch them on Facebook!

  • Francis

    Thx for the tip. I am going to try this out. I have a high end projection screen client that this will be perfect for.