VideoJug and Kiva Partner for Web Video Philanthropy

VideoJug and Kiva Partner for Web Video PhilanthropyAmerica's fascination with online videos keeps getting bigger everyday. But, instead of a viral commercial masked as a video of a girl making an incredible catch at a softball game, or online videos as political campaign tools, VideoJug is using their technology to do good. Today's announcement of a partnership between VideoJug and Kiva sets a precedent of using online video for philanthropic purposes.

VideoJug is providing Kiva with free video production services to spread word about the world's first website enabling individuals to lend directly to an entrepreneur in the developing world. These high-quality, "How-To" videos for - including a video of the general Kiva campaign - introduce users to the microfinance movement, explain how Kiva works and challenge viewers to get involved.

Founded in 2005, connects people through lending for the sake of alleviating poverty. Through Kiva's website, individuals can browse profiles of developing world entrepreneurs in need of a loan to start or expand a small business, contribute to the loan from just $25, and then re-loan or withdraw the funds when the loan is repaid.

In addition, the partnership between VideoJug and Kiva exemplifies a unique online business-to-business model - one company using their technology and service to directly help out another free of cost and financial gain. Instead of sorting through traditional marketing messages to find the meaning, VideoJug's is simple - help a new user join Kiva's community. The people you see on Kiva's site are real individuals in need of funding- not marketing material. In a few simple clicks, the user can peruse various entrepreneur's profiles, choose someone to lend to, and then make a loan- helping a real person make great strides towards economic independence and improve life for themselves, their family, and their community.

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