VideoEgg States – “We Are NOT Going Out of Business”

I just got an interesting email from VideoEgg. Guess there was some confusion over their last email where they annouced to members that they were no longer supportng the video hosting and sharing service. I think it is interesting that the are also recommending video sharing sites for video hosting like Youtube. Here is the email.

"Dear VideoEgg User:

Oops… we created some confusion with our last email.

Yes, as of May 31, 2008, we are discontinuing our consumer video uploading, hosting and sharing service at No, we are NOT going out of business! We are simply refocusing our business away from our consumer video service and concentrating on our advertising network and technologies.

It is important to us that you have an easy way to retrieve your videos. If you uploaded videos to and want to retrieve your videos, please go to the site and click on the "Download This Video" link below the video player. The video will be downloadable in FLV format, which can be posted to any other site that accepts FLV files as source video. You will be able to download your videos until May 31. If you would like to create an account with another partner who can host and serve your videos, please consider sites such as Vimeo, YouTube,, Ooyala, Userplane, Veoh or Kickapps.

For those of you that are interested in new developments at VideoEgg, here are some highlights from the past couple of months:

  • In February, we launched an exciting new brand response advertising solution – we call it AdFrames(SM). You can learn more about it here:
  • We launched the Eggnetwork AdPlatform, our video advertising network of 100-plus sites that reaches over 50 million monthly unique users on websites such as Bebo, Metacafe, iMeem and many of the top social network applications. AdPlatform partners can monetize their sites with rich media brand advertising — Learn more about the AdPlatform here:
  • And of course, we continue to sell the VideoEgg Ticker, our industry-leading overlay video ad unit that we launched in 2006. The Ticker has been used by well over 100 major brands for over 400 campaigns on our network, and has now been embraced by YouTube, Yahoo, Fox, Viacom, and others.

Best regards,

VideoEgg staff"

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