New Performance Based Video Advertising for IPhone Devices

New Performance Based Video Advertising for IPhone Devices

VideoEgg today introduced the first performance-based video advertising for the iPhone -AdFrames for mobile.  The new offering enables advertisers to distribute invitation-based, expandable video or rich media ads to iPhone users. Nikon and Ubisoft Canada are among the first brands to leverage AdFrames' mobile distribution as a measurable way to reach highly engaged consumers.

New Performance Based Video Advertising for IPhone DevicesThe growth of 3G networks and emergence of open mobile platforms like Apple's iPhone and Google's Android are driving the creation of 3rd party applications, with almost 9,000 developed for the 10 million iPhones predicted to be sold this year. Consumers are now enjoying a new breed of web-based social, gaming and media experiences using their mobile devices, representing a major shift in activity and creating opportunities for brand marketers. VideoEgg's expansion of AdFrames into mobile devices allows advertisers to seamlessly extend rich brand experiences across the mobile channel, bringing even more reach to the company's network of more than 80 million consumers.

"The key to creating value for advertisers is offering an invitation-based ad solution that engages consumers and rewards them for spending time with a brand," explained Troy Young, CMO of VideoEgg. "By applying our deep understanding of video and rich media advertising and extending our AdFrames platform to mobile devices, we're opening up a new channel to reach consumers with a proven opt-in approach. Advertisers get innovation without risk.”

Starting today, VideoEgg will offer mobile distribution across both applications and Web pages on the iPhone, and over time extend to other mobile platforms and devices. The mobile distribution channel is offered as part of VideoEgg's comprehensive ad platform and will be included as a standard option on all large campaigns. The pricing model is based on cost per engagement (CPE), which delivers accountability and unmatched insight into ad effectiveness. Rich media ads are served for free and advertisers pay only when a user engages, providing a risk-free method to distributing highly targeted brand content.

Nikon is leveraging the VideoEgg mobile platform to promote their CoolPix and D90 cameras.

"The full screen ad experience and cost per engagement model from VideoEgg has helped us significantly in our advertising efforts," said Lisa Baxt, senior communications manager of Nikon Inc. "Bringing the same model and thinking to mobile environments is a natural and compelling extension of their offering.”

With AdFrames for mobile, publishers can now partner with VideoEgg to effectively monetize content across this medium. Launch partners from top application developers and platforms including SGN, Jirbo, FlipSide5, Optime Software and Mobclix will deliver advertisers wide reach across 35 percent of the top 20 most popular free iPhone applications such as GasBag, Hangman, Scribble, iGolf, TouchHockey, Tic Tac Free and MarbleMash.

"By leveraging VideoEgg's brand advertisers across all their applications, developers in our network experience the best performing rich media creatives on the iPhone today," said Vishal Gurbuxani, co-founder of Mobclix.

To see how VideoEgg is changing brand marketing online, check out the demos at

To see AdFrames for mobile in action, check out the video at:

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