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Creators Tip 122 - Lessons from 2013's top Video Ads

Lessons from 2013's Top Video Ads [Creator's Tip #122]

On this week's ReelSEO Creator's Tip, we take a look back at some of our favourite video ads of the year and discuss the lessons we can learn from them. As video marketers, what takeaways are useful in determining what worked for a brand and for an audience?
YouTube Fan Finder Video

How To Upload A YouTube Fan Finder Video [Creator's Tip #119]

YouTube's Fan Finder feature allows creators to upload an ad or trailer for their channel, which YouTube will then promote via their TrueView system. On this week's Creator's Tip, we take you through the process of uploading the video so you can reach potential new subscribers.

How YouTube Works: A Video About Videos

Are you sick of YouTube videos buffering? Well, the site hates it as much as you, and they are constantly trying to improve their technological infrastructure so it doesn't happen. That's not an easy task with all the challenges they face.