Video Production Tips

Learn video production tips and techniques for creating better videos for the web. Everything from pre-production to post-production and video editing: including information about the latest video cameras, video production techniques, video editing tips and more.

The Heart of the Matter - A Film About Pornography Addiction with a Christian Perspective

How Emotive, Personal Videos Can Raise Your Kickstarter Game [Case Study]

Many people hope to use crowdfunding sites to finance their dream projects but Jessica Mockett is actually doing it. She has successfully launched two projects that have reached full funding and she says getting personal with video has been the key factor in gaining the sponsorship she needed.
first steps longform video

Five Ideas For Squeezing The Most Out Of Your Longform Video

So, you've weighed up all the options and decided that you have the budget and the resources to create a longform video - so what now? We give you 5 great ideas for getting the most out of the footage, both pre and post production, to make that video work harder for you than you ever thought.
video camera settings

7 Camera Settings to Double Check Before Shooting Video

As a filmmaker, attention to detail is critical so you can stay on top of everything in front of, and behind, the camera. Follow our 7 point checklist and get it right first time so you not only create great footage but you spend a whole lot less time in post-production.
blended video

The Ultimate Go-To Guide to Choosing Your Video Format and Design Style

There are so many different styles of video, it's absolutely crucial to pick the most appropriate one for your business goals and brand needs. We take you through the different formats available and how they could work to get your message across to your target audience.

Adobe to Add 150 New Features to CC Video Apps

The suite of video applications inside Adobe's Creative Cloud will soon have another round of interesting new features being added. With the announcement center...
Donna Davis with a homeowner during a shoot for The Home Depot

A TV News Reporter's Guide to Creating Interesting Videos Quickly

Ever wondered how television news reporters turn around a story within just a few hours. After working in news for 20 years, I use the same methods to create powerful, storytelling videos for my clients. It's an efficient and effective process you can use to help your clients tell their stories.

How-to Key Green Screen Footage with Adobe After Effects [ReelRebel #50]

Adding background footage in post-production can turn a good video into an amazing one and in this week's ReelRebel tutorial we show you an advanced editing technique that will really help you get more creative with your videos. Tune in to find out how to make the most of your video content.

Outdoor Lighting Techniques & Tips for Video Production [ReelRebel #49]

Lighting outside can be a little bit of a pain sometimes, since the sun is always moving, cloud cover is always changing, it could rain, there are unexpected temperature changes...but, knowing how to use diffusers and reflectors outside can make your day a little more manageable.