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Learn video production tips and techniques for creating better videos for the web. Everything from pre-production to post-production and video editing: including information about the latest video cameras, video production techniques, video editing tips and more.

how much does an animated explainer video cost to make.

How Much Does an Animated Explainer Video Really Cost to Make?

An explainer video is going to introduce your company to the world so it has to look and sound as good as possible. But what are the real costs involved in producing a great explainer video, particularly an animated one? Our handy guide explains what's involved and why it pays to spend that extra budget.

Neuromarketing: How To Use Science To Beat Your Competitors

Many brands are testing out video content based on the idea of neuromarketing, that's marketing that triggers the kind of brain activity that will lead to a desired behavior, like buying a product. We take a look at some examples.
closed captions international audience

Local Video Optimization and Production Tips For International Marketers

If you are rolling out a video campaign in different international markets then you'll need to consider how to optimize your content for those local regions. We bring you some useful tips, particularly for audio, which should ensure you reach your target audience.
Sachi Koto

Video Storytelling Advice from Former CNN Anchor Sachi Koto

There are many elements involved in creating the right kind of video to reach your target audience. Former CNN Anchor Sachi Koto recently gave her top tips on the art of storytelling in video to ensure you get the message across and engage the audience at the same time.

10 Simple But Effective Ways to Kickstart Your Kickstarter Video

Kickstarter campaigns with video do much better than those without but what if you are new to video production and don't know where to start? We bring you 10 great tips for creating a video that will help your project request.
crowdsourcing video

Crowdsourcing Can Make Video Production Affordable For All Budgets

The perceived cost of video production holds many site owners back from committing to an online video strategy but there are options if resources are tight. Crowdsourcing is a great way to find producers who can work within your budget.

Aspect Ratios: What Are They And What Do They Mean?

An aspect ratio is a figure that represents the width-to-height ratio of an image and every screen resolution has an aspect ratio associated with it. It's an important thing to take into consideration so as to avoid distorting film and video. we take a look at the history of this concept and explain the differences.
what are motion graphics.

Make Your Infographics Come Alive With A Motion Graphic Video

If you have gone to the trouble and expense of creating a great infographic, then consider turning that content into a motion graphics video that you can upload to your own site as well as to YouTube. We show you some good examples from those who have already done that.