Video Production Tips

Learn video production tips and strategies for creating better videos for the web. Everything from pre-production to post-production including information about the latest video cameras, video production techniques, video editing tips and more.

How To Guide for Shooting HD Video With A DSLR Camera

How To Guide for Shooting HD Video With A DSLR Camera

Ever since Nikon introduced the D90 in August 2008 as the first DSLR camera that shoots High Definition (HD) video, a silent revolution is taking place in media production. At a fraction of the budget creative camera people are able to produce remarkable high quality ...

The Threesome Technique for Online Video Interviewing

The Threesome Technique for Online Video Interviewing

ReelSEO's Grant Crowell shares the “threesome effect” with some successful professional online video clips, and its secrets you can implement for your own video marketing pieces, professionally speaking.

My Christmas Wishlist for The Ideal Digital Pocket Camcorder

ReelSEO's Grant Crowell puts together his wish list for what pocket digital HD camcorder manufacturers should add to their feature list in early 2010, so as to include more professional and business-quality video uses of their products.

8 Tips for Shooting Better Video During The Holidays

8 Tips for Shooting Better Video During The Holidays

It's time for another great video production tutorial video from Israel Hyman of IzzyVideo. Last month, we featured a video about how to get great exposure and white balance using an 18% gray card. Today, I'm pleased to offer you this timely video with Izzy ...

5 Tips for Successful and Professional Online Video Projects

5 Tips for Successful and Professional Online Video Projects

Are you looking for any easy way to explain how to do professional (i.e., business-quality) online video to newcomers? I recommend sharing these 5 steps in the following order: Plan, practice, publish, promote and perform. In this post, I will explain how each of these 5 ...

3 Principles for Creating E-Commerce Video That Sells

3 Principles for Creating E Commerce Video That Sells

With the holiday shopping season in high gear, I'd like to spend some time this week focused on web video for e-commerce. I'll start things off with an interview I did at the Streaming Media West show with my friend Justin Foster, Co-Founder of Liveclicker ...

Video Production Tip: How To Use A Gray Card for Great Video Exposure

Video Production Tip: How To Use A Gray Card for Great Video Exposure

I've often made the assertion that quality video production is important for successful online video marketing.  Sure, some viral videos aren't the most professional when it comes to the video production aspects, but, if you plan to produce your own videos for marketing your business, why not ...

Learn How To Make A Video for YouTube With YouTube

Not sure what you should be doing to get the most out of your YouTube presence? Well, YouTube can help with some free webinars.

Free Interactive Video for All - Veeple Launches Interplay

Back in June, I wrote about some survey results published by Marketing Sherpa where 73% of video marketers indicated that interactive video functionality has a positive effect on the effectiveness of a video ad message (again, I wonder about the other 27% but...).  At ReelSEO, we ...

Star Wars Uncut Aims To Reinvent Online Video

Every once in a while, the Internet does something completely unpredictable and amazing.  And I love it.  I love when someone pushes the envelope with online video and does something truly unique. There have been plenty of these trailblazers.  The LonelyGirl15 guys were really the ...

Creating Videos for Business On A Shoestring Budget

Think it's too expensive to start marketing your business using online video? Think it's too complicated to start marketing your business using online video? Nope and nope.  Use the powerful one-two punch of the Flip camcorder and Animoto to make stunning video on a shoestring budget.

Understanding FLV and SWF - The Basics of Flash Video

If there are any non-technical folks out there that have been wondering what the heck the difference is between FLV (Flash Video) and SWF (Shockwave Flash) file formats, you are in luck.  In this short video from Sorenson Media, Technical Support Specialist Jeff Udall provides ...

Is Ogg Theora The Savior of Online Video?

Ogg Theora, the magical, mystical, savior of the online video movement? Tapped to be part of the Open Video Standards and set to take its position at center stage in the push for widespread online video acceptance, but is it all it can be and ...

TurnHere Productizes Video for SMBs - Filmmakers for All

With more than 8000 independent filmmakers, and an online video offering perfectly catered for SMBs, Turnhere has successfully formed partnerships with many high-volume sales channel partners and publishers like, Superpages and Citysearch.  In fact, business has been so good according to their COO, John McWeeny, that they ...

How To Produce "Business-Quality" Online Video On A Small Business Budget

Can businesses today really create sustainable revenue and long-term profit around regularly publishing professional-quality online video, and keep their production costs well below the standards of broadcast-quality? Yes, if they're willing to be what I call "videoratis" - a video professional and publicist skilled at ...