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Information about online video hosting platforms and video streaming platforms (OVP) and online video companies. Coverage of the business of online video, video platform startups, and other internet video platforms. Ongoing industry coverage of the video hosing providers, video CMS platforms, video advertising platforms, internet sharing platforms and other video platforms dedicated to publishing and monetizing web video.

Delve Delves Into Your Pocket for Self-Service Video

Delve Networks has opened a new self-service, pay-via-credit-card billing option for their video platform aimed at business users. Now you can go from zero to online video hero in a matter of minutes.

Vimeo Gives You More Features Now

Vimeo just announced one important change to their service and several new features. As they're one of the big boys I thought it would be appropriate to let you all know.

Wistia Embedded Video Metrics – The Video Solution for SMBs?

I review the video sharing application and project management service, Wistia, and talk with CEO Chris Savage on how they are positioning themselves as an affordable top-tier business solution for the SMB crowd.

Joost Reinvents Service As Brandable Video Platform

Joost was what the creators of Skype went on to after it was sold. They've recently announced a new focus for the company, mainly they want to be a white box video platform and they're working toward that goal now. The new Joost will seek ...

Miro - Open Source Video Projects - Participatory Culture Foundation - A brief introduction video about Make Internet TV - from one of your friends at the Participatory Culture Foundation.

Web Video and Project Management Tools – Which Ones To Use

I review some of the most popular (and upcoming) Web-based Project management and collaboration services are providing for video content – and which features are best suited for business projects where online video is crucial to a campaign's success. Listen to our podcast episode by ...

Brightcove Dives Into Mobile Video With Qik

Brightcove, has decided to test the waters of mobile video and determined that it's warm enough to dive into. So they recently announced, via their blog, that Qik has signed on as a partner service.

You Want To Host Your Own Live Online Video Show?

Who doesn't have dreams of creating their own video show and pushing it out to the masses, getting it picked up by a major media outlet and having it turn into their 15 minutes of fame? Heck, even I do!

The Evolution and Equalization of Web Video and Television

Mike Hudack, The CEO of, was interviewed yesterday by Jolie O'Dell (nice) on ReadWriteWeb about how online video and television are evolving together. Revenue models, show length and format, distribution, and consumption are all called into question as the web targets increasingly narrow and engaged ...

YouTube XL Review - Calling All Couch Potatoes

YouTube has finally released their YouTube XL app. For those unfamiliar with XL, it's an optimized version of the site aimed at television viewing. I don't really know how that's all that different from their original version of the site, just a bit simplified with ...