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Vimeo Announces Creative Commons Licensing - But Are Users' Hands Tied?

Video hosting platform Vimeo yesterday announced on its blog its support for Creative Commons licensing, providing its members a more precise control over where and how others can use their own videos. But restrictions persist with how members can feature other rights-owners videos and other original works on Vimeo, even if they have the same clearances that Creative Commons provides.

TwitVid Launches Mysterious Social Video Ad Platform

TwitVid Launches Mysterious Social Video Ad Platform

You want to know what I love?  When companies announce new video-related products or services.  Seriously… I'm a video nut, and I get excited about new things.  Want to know what I hate?  When new products or services are announced, but not remotely explained.  Such ...

YouTube's 6 Reasons Why HTML5 Won't Replace Flash, Yet

YouTubes 6 Reasons Why HTML5 Wont Replace Flash, Yet

YouTube agreed with us on several points lately. We're not sure if they knew they were doing it or not but they have. The main point is that while HTML 5 is cool and has a lot of potential, it's not going to replace Flash ...

UStream Not Worried By Prospect of YouTube Live Video Service

UStream co-founder and CEO, John Ham, sat down and talked with TechCrunch's Jason Kinkaid recently to discuss the future of live streaming video on the web—and the looming prospect of YouTube jumping into that arena.  It's a pretty interesting read, and I suggest you check ...

Brightcove Now Serving Video To Android Mobile Devices

If you create video and put it online, then the chances are good that you'd actually like people to be able to see it.  And as more and more web users go mobile--using smart phones and other mobile devices for their browsing, discovering, and sharing ...

Video Chat Platforms - Choosing The One That’s Right for You

Video Chat Platforms   Choosing The One That’s Right for You

ReelSEO's Grant Crowell talks with author and popular video expert Steve Garfield about choosing the best video chat solutions for your online marketing and business needs, including getting best production quality, and what he sees as the “next big thing” with web video chat technology in online marketing.

YouTube Announces A Bare-Bones Video Editing Tool

Holy crap!  YouTube has just today confirmed that they're planning to release an online video editing tool.  And it'll be live in the TestTube—YouTube's playground for new beta features—sometime tonight or tomorrow.  Holy crap!

Vzaar IPhone App Allows Video Uploads From The Road

No longer must you scurry back to your video editing lair to plug-in, transfer and upload your iPhone videos to Vzaar. As of last week, they have an iPhone App that will let you do it on the fly. Vzaar, the video hosting platform late ...

Is YouTube Moving Into The Live Video Streaming Market?

A few weeks ago I wrote an article here at ReelSEO entitled Speculation On What YouTube's 6th Year Might Bring.  It was around the time of their 5th anniversary fanfare, and was intended as a playful look at some of YouTube's possible future moves.  I ...

LongTailVideo Releases The First Flexible Open-Source HTML5 Video Player

Last week, LongTailVideo announced that they have created and released the open source JW Player in a new HTML 5 version (Beta) that features PNG skinning, Javascript API, fallback to flash and more. Perhaps this could become the new standard for sites looking to implement ...