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Friendly Music Service Lets YouTubers Buy Licensed Songs for Use In Video

One of the most common ways that YouTube users violate copyright laws is by using unlicensed background music in their video.  Unfortunately, this act also tends to get videos pulled, after copyright holders are alerted to the infringement via YouTube's Content ID service.  And to ...

List of WebM Browsers and Media Players: Watch WebM VP8 Video

You all know you want to know how to do stuff and we the Reel Masters are back with a new how-to round up. This time we're going to show you how to watch WebM/VP8 encoded video.

PopScreen To Help Monitor and Predict The Rise of Viral Videos

PopScreen, which I first wrote about last fall, is a fantastic service.  I remarked at the time that it filled a definite void for me as a video viewer—specifically in how it allowed me to keep a running list of all my favorite web videos ...

Get Rolling With WebM Video - VP8 Encoding Tools for WebM

Get Rolling With WebM Video   VP8 Encoding Tools for WebM

So Google wrapped up Vorbis and VP8 into WebM and is offering it as open source to help drive a fully open standard for media online including video. Nearly everyone and their brother have jumped on board (except Intel, who said they will consider it ...

YouTube Announces A Bare-Bones Video Editing Tool

Holy crap!  YouTube has just today confirmed that they're planning to release an online video editing tool.  And it'll be live in the TestTube—YouTube's playground for new beta features—sometime tonight or tomorrow.  Holy crap!

7 Stupid and Petty Complaints Against YouTube

I love YouTube.  I would love it even if I didn't regularly consult or write about it.  It's a fantastic service that has made video-sharing dead simple—and has simultaneously revolutionized a lot of industries.  It's made adding video to your website free and easy while ...

YouTube's Unlisted Videos: Private Videos With No Audience Size Limits

YouTube is really on a roll lately.  The player page redesign, the makeover on the player itself, and now Unlisted Videos.  What are Unlisted Videos?  Well, they're private videos… in a sense. Previously, YouTube users could only allow up to 25 other people to see ...

Steve Jobs' Flash Dance - Contradicts Self On Reasons for No Flash for Apple Mobile Platforms

Steve Jobs Flash Dance   Contradicts Self On Reasons for No Flash for Apple Mobile Platforms

Two big A's continue their row. The latest round was fired by Apple CEO, Steve Jobs in a lengthy blog post entitled 'Thoughts on Flash.' No it's not some new memory technique or a way to save your childhood before old age strips you of ...

Capturing and Measuring User Experience With Video

ReelSEO's Grant Crowell interviews Techsmith Product Manager Shane Lovellette at the NAB Show in Las Vegas, to talk about the ways that video recording software is capturing and measuring the user experience with video content online, before it goes online to the public.

HTML5's Dark Horse Video Codec, ON2 VP8 From Google

While Google didn't make the VP8 video codec, they did purchase it recently and now, they're announcing [allegedly] that it will be Open Source. What's this mean for HTML 5? It might finally have found a winner of the codec race and a savior, in ...

Distribute Video Everywhere With TubeMogul Destinations

Distribute Video Everywhere With TubeMogul Destinations

Today, Tubemogul launched a huge enhancement to their OneLoad video distribution and measurement product and they are calling it "Destinations."  What is it? Basically, it's the be-all-end-all of video uploading and distribution systems, basically from anywhere, to anywhere according to Tubemogul.

The IPad Proves Video's Importance, Even If It Can't Record Video Itself

The iPad debuted to much fanfare over the weekend.  You may remember my somewhat controversial remarks about the device when it was announced.  Well, clearly there are many consumers less skeptical than I.  Over 300,000 units were sold on opening day (more than the iPhone's ...

A Baker's Dozen List of "HTML5" Video Encoding Tools

A Bakers Dozen List of HTML5 Video Encoding Tools

These aren't really HTML5 video encoders but they do support the two currently competing encoding/compression formats - H.264 MP4 and Ogg Theora. With that in mind it means you could use them to encode your video to formats that work with the HTML 5 video ...

Game On! TubeMogul Launches PlayTime Video Ad Network

Today, Tubemogul announced something huge... they are parlaying their expertise in online video distribution and measurement into the creation of a brand new video advertising network.

Transcribing Videos By Hand Vs. Automated Transcription Tools

Transcribing Videos By Hand Vs. Automated Transcription Tools

In this video, our friend Dave Dugdale compares the time it took him to transcribe a typical three minute video by hand verses using an automatic transcription service. As you likely know, automated transcription services use speech-to-text recognition technologies that at this point, are no ...