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Moonwalking Ponies and Murders in Elevators [Fun Video Friday]

Fun Video Friday for March 8 will take you on a magical, mystical journey through Stevie Wonder's "I Wish" and a trip back to Vegas with The Hangover III. Plus, VSauce wonders if you should eat yourself. No, really, is that for real? Plus, a talking hamster that talks back to the cops.

Buzzer-Beating Shot Shows Video at Its Best [Video]

When New Rochelle threw up a desperation heave in a high school basketball championship, the power of video captured the moment: the craziest 2.9 seconds you'll ever see. A play that during all the confusion, both teams were celebrating in the end.

Miami Heat Harlem Shake Video and Extreme Sports [Fun Video Friday]

Fun Video Friday for March 1, 2013 has all the extreme sports you'll ever want, plus a Harlem Shake from Lebron and the Miami Heat, and they even managed to pit Gandhi vs. Martin Luther King. See what they're beefing about in this week's roundup of awesome videos, hand-picked for you, the loyal reader.

Harlem Shake Dryer, How Popes Are Elected, and Gollum Sings Les Miserables [Fun Video Friday]

These videos will definitely make your day, and will make you a better person. I can't promise the effects will last long, but they will instill you with feelings of happiness that you won't quite be able to explain. At least, that's what I hope you'll feel during Fun Video Friday, even for a fleeting moment. You want to see a dryer do the Harlem Shake? You've come to the right place.

Corridor Digital Spins Cat Videos Into Special Effects Awesomeness

Corridor Digital has created a video that has all the elements of a mega-viral success. It's a cat video, but not your ordinary cat video. It's one where cats are doing their usual cat things, but this time, they're providing a valuable service against bad guys. Soon to be shared by a mom near you.

Meteor Video Friday: Russia's Video Capabilities Are Amazing

The amazing video footage of a meteor crashing into Russia was caught on cameras everywhere: security cams, dash cams, phones, and more. So now, we have tons of videos to choose from to watch an incredible event that you usually only hear about well after the fact. Here's a compilation of meteor videos currently on YouTube.

Love These Videos for Valentine's Day 2013

Today is Valentine's Day, and like any other holiday or special occasion, YouTube is filled with Valentine's Day-themed videos, from comedy to food to advice to...