Video Sharing

Today we are all Bostonians

Video Sharing Data Shows We Are All Bostonians Now

The Boston Bombings was an awful incident, and as usual, video was there. In fact, it played a key role in the eventual nabbing of the suspects. The videos on YouTube were shared all over the place and truly made people feel "one" with Boston.

Cat Vs. Vacuum And Loads of Bacon [Fun Video Friday]

Tons of videos for April 19, 2013 include a cat vs. a vacuum, super talented women, the Dove ad about "real beauty" and a subsequent parody of the Dove ad, Harrison Ford not wanting to talk about Star Wars on Jimmy Kimmel, tons of science, tons of cool...just watch these videos already.

Epic Videos From Epic People [Fun Video Friday]

We have a ton of epic stuff this week. How animals eat their food, Skrillex vs. Mozart, a 100-pound chocolate bar, Mystery Guitar Man gets stuck in a video game, there are epic ask-outs to prom and formals, Old Spice gives their usual cracked take on 80's soap commercials, CGP Grey talks about The Vatican. Are you not entertained? Watch these, you'll definitely be entertained.

Gritty Calvin and Hobbes and The World Without A Sun [Fun Video Friday]

In this week's Fun Video Friday we really find out what happens when the Earth loses the sun. We also see what happens when Times Square goes backwards. And one airline has a solution for that awful "kids" problem on airplanes. And if you want to see absolutely stunning time-lapse photography of New Zealand, you've come to the right place.

Mr. Rogers Is Awesome and Slow Motion Destruction [Fun Video Friday]

We're about to get all sorts of knowledgeable about Fred (we call him "Mr.") Rogers up in here. And we're also going to see something we always enjoy, only in slow motion: stuff getting destroyed. After that we might make a cliff jump in Hawaii, or go to the snowy plains of Russia to blow away snowmen. Whatever we may do, it's Fun Video Friday.

Dubstep Solves Everything and YouTube Science [Fun Video Friday]

Music was all over the place this week, and they dominate this Fun Video Friday with a diverse range of hilarious to just plain awesome. Bad outcomes for Disney Princesses. A dubstep war over a pretty girl on a park bench. Justin Timberlake singing in a Barbershop Quartet. And Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla school each other in Epic Rap Battles.