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channing all over your tatum

Channing Tatum Becomes A Verb and A Noun [Fun Video Friday]

By the end of today's Fun Video Friday, you will know all about "Channing All Over Your Tatum." Or maybe not. Or maybe the prospect of learning what it is will cause you to skip the video entirely. A star-studded set of videos coming your way.
vine app twitter instagram

Vine Wins Out Over Instagram In Twitter Sharing Wars

Just a few days after it got its Android release, Vine has surpassed Instagram on Twitter with users sharing more six second videos than images. Considering the fact that Instagram users outweigh Vine users by 87 million, that's a huge achievement for the new app.

Hate the New YouTube Design? Here's Catharsis

HowToBasic has a very entertaining, and very cathartic, way to return to the old YouTube design. Hate the new design? Just watch this video and be amazed at what you can do to defeat the new YouTube One Channel. You'll probably have to watch it more than once to get the concept.
how to make a viral

A Humorous Look at 'How to Make A Viral'

It's interesting trying to figure out "how to make a viral video." Chances are, though, if you have "viral" in mind while making a video you're probably not thinking the right way. Anyway, here's a video from Hunka Wunda (and bonus vids from Daily Grace and Nigahiga) that tell you the secrets of viral video creation.