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HTML5's Dark Horse Video Codec, ON2 VP8 From Google

While Google didn't make the VP8 video codec, they did purchase it recently and now, they're announcing [allegedly] that it will be Open Source. What's this mean for HTML 5? It might finally have found a winner of the codec race and a savior, in ...

YouTube Finds Profitability Via New Textp Encoding?

You all know 720p, 1080p well now YouTube is trying to save money by utilizing Textp which saves them $1 a second when you watch videos in that mode by streaming text instead of costly images.  It's easy to do and looks really cool. This ...

Remixing Copyrighted Video – Fair Use or Infringement?

Remixing Copyrighted Video – Fair Use or Infringement?

ReelSEO's Grant Crowell asks Harvard Law Professor and political activist Lawrence Lessig, what's in it for businesses to be more lax in their enforcement of copyrighted video based on fair use culture?

YouTube Diddles With Their Video Pages Once Again

Unhappy with the look and feel, YouTube has decided to do more with the space alloted them. That means more nifty changes for you to peruse should you opt-in to do so. But what exactly have they fiddled about with this time round? Well, of ...

Legal Online Video and Fair Use - Sharing Versus Ownership

Legal Online Video and Fair Use   Sharing Versus Ownership

ReelSEO's Grant Crowell interviews interview Dr. Shay David, VP of Business and Community Development and co-founder of the open source video platform and network Kaltura, and founding member of the Open Video Alliance, about what he considers to be the most important legal issues with open standards and technologies with online video today.

The YouTube Profitability Watch

Some people like to have death watches, others like to have jelly watches, some like to have Rolex watches and some just like to watch (pervs!). Us? we like to have the YouTube Profitability watch. Alright, so I made that last part up but really ...

YouTube Direct Connects Users and Media Organizations

We all have video cameras or video-capable mobile phones and that means new ways to see what's happening in the world. Not only for you but for others as well. We get a eyewitness views of the events as they unfold and now, we can ...

Find, Bookmark, Watch and Share Your Favorite Videos With PopScreen

Recently I wrote about a new video discovery service, called Jinni, which I'm still using and enjoying.  Now comes a similar and somewhat related new service called PopScreen.  PopScreen is a video bookmarking service, not unlike Delicious.  But it's a bit more than that too, ...

Crash The Super Bowl With Vimeo and Win Millions

Crash The Super Bowl With Vimeo and Win Millions

Vimeo and Doritos are teaming up again this year for the Crash the Super Bowl contest. This time the stakes are even higher with a cool $5 million on the line for the top three spots. Last year two brothers took home the $1 Million prize ...

YouTube Gives Users New Insight Into Video Discovery

YouTube is giving us all some more insight into what's going on with our videos. They just boosted their analytics tools (YouTube Insight) with three new features including stats on mobile users, subscribers and my favorite - discovery over time.