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YouTube Direct Connects Users and Media Organizations

We all have video cameras or video-capable mobile phones and that means new ways to see what's happening in the world. Not only for you but for others as well. We get a eyewitness views of the events as they unfold and now, we can ...

Find, Bookmark, Watch and Share Your Favorite Videos With PopScreen

Recently I wrote about a new video discovery service, called Jinni, which I'm still using and enjoying.  Now comes a similar and somewhat related new service called PopScreen.  PopScreen is a video bookmarking service, not unlike Delicious.  But it's a bit more than that too, ...

Crash The Super Bowl With Vimeo and Win Millions

Crash The Super Bowl With Vimeo and Win Millions

Vimeo and Doritos are teaming up again this year for the Crash the Super Bowl contest. This time the stakes are even higher with a cool $5 million on the line for the top three spots. Last year two brothers took home the $1 Million prize ...

YouTube Gives Users New Insight Into Video Discovery

YouTube is giving us all some more insight into what's going on with our videos. They just boosted their analytics tools (YouTube Insight) with three new features including stats on mobile users, subscribers and my favorite - discovery over time. 

HD Online - Watch Upload and Share High-Definition Videos

HD Online   Watch Upload and Share High Definition Videos

With the ever expanding acceptance of high definition video it's no wonder that making a list of sites that support it is an ongoing task. So this time around it's my turn to update you on all the latest and greatest places where you can ...

Viral Video – Is It The Video You're Searching For?

The words 'viral video' have become synonymous, mostly incorrectly, with increasing brand awareness, online marketing and online video advertising. Yes, viral video can do all of that, but there might be a better way for you and your company to get the word out instead ...

The Blurring Line Between Worlds: Humans, Screen Watching, and Social Media

It seems the deeper you look into Social Media, the more it resonates as the natural evolution of the Internet's ability to facilitate effective communication and to mimic our everyday lives. While scores of people would still consider themselves neophytes in the online space, many ...

SanDisk Wants You To Make Mobile Video

Proving that their storage cards can stand up to the pressure of performing when dealing with video, Sandisk has unveiled their "60-second Mobile Phone Video Summer Contest".

Youtube Doubles Upload File Size Limit - More HD

Damn it is hard to keep up with all the changes that Youtube has been launching.  This is one that Im certain you will all be thrilled to hear about, because it means more HD.

YouTube Invites Google News Partners To Earn Revenue

Got a news source that is already included in Google News? Want to partner with YouTube as a video news supplier? Then you might just be in luck if you're one of the 25,000 lucky news agencies that have been invited to do so. If ...

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