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Video Marketing Strategy: Hosted Versus Posted Video

Video Marketing Strategy: Hosted Versus Posted Video

When implementing video online, at any point in time, marketers face a decision: to host or post video? Short for: should we host video on our own servers (or use a propietary video platform) or post the content to video sharing sites? Although such a ...

Google Confirms Meta Keyword Tag Is Ignored for Ranking

This may be more straight-SEO news than particularly geared at video, but if you host your own videos or are aiming to rank pages where you've embedded a non-hosted video... this will impact your efforts.

The Next Wave for Online Video Search Optimization

The Next Wave for Online Video Search Optimization

Last month, I was presented with an opportunity that I couldn't pass up to speak at SES San Jose 2009 . Of course, I accepted and participated on a panel along with Gregory Markel, Founder and President of InfuseCreative, David Burch, Director of Marketing for Tubemogul, and Erin Bouchier, Business Lead ...

Youtube, Web Video and SEO Reputation Management

Youtube, Web Video and SEO Reputation Management

You may have read our post titled, "What's Your Online Video SEO Reputation Worth?" about the brand, trademarks, and reputation management session at SES San Jose 2009.  We caught up with Sage Lewis, President of SageRock Digital Marketing after he was done moderating this informative session. ...

Without Video, Your Website Will NOT Rank In The Future

Without Video, Your Website Will NOT Rank In The Future

Engagement Objects Video - Bruce Clay discusses how engagement objects, like video, are crucial importance when it comes to organic and universal search.

What's Your Online Video SEO Reputation Worth?

Whats Your Online Video SEO Reputation Worth?

I recently covered the Brand, Trademark and Reputation Management session at the Search Engine Strategies San Jose conference. The panel featured a mix of one search engine, SEM solutions providers, and attorneys discussing how online video abuse is a growing problem for businesses, how we ...

Video SEO Tips From Aaron Wall of SEOBook

Video SEO Tips From Aaron Wall of SEOBook

This is an interview with Aaron Wall, founder of at Search Engine Strategies San Jose 2009. We spoke to Aaron about SEO Book as well as his use of videos to promote the site. Aaron provides some basic tips for Video SEO

Youtube Optimization Tips From Youtube's Matthew Liu

Youtube Optimization Tips From Youtubes Matthew Liu

At the Search Engine Strategies conference in San Jose last week, we captured some great interviews with industry leaders and conference speakers. The following is an interview with Matthew Liu, Product Manager for YouTube.  Matt talks with us about best practices for optimizing videos that are ...

A Video SEO Case Study: Common Craft

A Video SEO Case Study: Common Craft

Common Craft is a company specializing in creating "explanation" videos.  Most of their videos are pitched as an explanation of something "in plain English," and include simple-but-cute hand drawn cartoons alongside a charming narration.  Their website tag line reads: "Our product is explanation.” Never heard ...

Video Search Queries In The Google Caffeine Sandbox

I've been playing around with the just-announced Google Caffeine sandbox ( - which is down for "system maintenance" at the moment), trying to discover any subtle differences I can find between it and the current live engine.  There aren't many.  A lot of people in ...

Lessons In Video and SEO - The JK Wedding Dance Video

A little video of a wedding entrance made a huge splash a couple weeks ago.  You probably saw it.  If not, you almost definitely heard about it.  For their entrance, the wedding party eschewed the more traditional entrance and scampered down the church aisle in ...

The Next Wave for Online Video - SES San Jose 2009

Along with the fact that ReelSEO is prud to be an official media sponsor for SES San Jose 2009 and ClickZ's Video and Social Media Strategies Forum, I am happy to announce that in addition, I will be speaking at SES on Tuesday at 11:45am-12:45pm ...

Video SEO Webinar - The "Reel" Story On Getting Your Online Video Discovered

I'm pleased to announce that I will be participating in an upcoming FREE Video SEO webinar produced by Streaming Media magazine and  Dan Rayburn, EVP of Streaming Media, will be moderating the event and I'll be presenting along with Marcien Jenckes, Co-President of Grab Networks. The webinar ...

In Search of Video SEO That Works - Beyond The Hype

Earlier this year, I was contacted by Nico McLane for an interview on the subject of Video SEO.  Nico was looking for specific guidance with regard to the topic of Video SEO.  To give you a bit more background, Nico wrote the following in an ...

Creative Media Agencies and Video SEO – CIMA Interview

This Thursday June 18th I'm covering the Chicago Interactive Marketing Association's (CIMA) event titled "Creative, Technology, Media, and Analytics." I recently interviewed several of the scheduled panelists, about their research and opinions on the business direction they see online video taking, agencies' and marketers' opportunities ...