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YouTube Adds Real-Time Comments Search

Yes, now you can watch your YouTube reputation in real time thanks to new discussion search functionality.

Video Content Discovery Engine Jinni Opens To Public

As mentioned on Techcrunch this morning, there's a new player in the world of video search.  Well, I should say there's a new site aiming to be a player in video search—video "discovery" to be exact.

Monitoring Video Listings for Business – The Search Monitor

I recently interviewed Lori Weiman, CEO of the online reputation management company The Search Monitor, and tested out her company's Competitor and Trademark Monitoring tools, which have the ability to monitor and segment actual video results across organic search listings, multiple web channels and websites.

Video Search Steals Revenue Out of Your Pocket?

While doing a recent search on Yahoo Video for my favorite advertisement of all time (the Cadbury Eyebrow Dance done by Glass and a Half Full) I found that they've implemented a Play Here button. As it's interesting, I thought I would share with you. ...

Porn Video In Google Universal Search Results?

Today I read an interesting post over at SEORoundTable about a video that is appearing within Google universal search results for the search "Rambha."  Rambha is a famous Indian actress and according to the post, the video result has already been reported to Google by ...

OpenTV + Mood Ring = Awesome Video Search?

You hear the question probably every week "what are you in the mood for?" Well OpenTV and Jinni are taking that question literally with their new partnership that will let you find video content based on your mood. I wonder what will show up when ...

Video Search Queries In The Google Caffeine Sandbox

I've been playing around with the just-announced Google Caffeine sandbox ( - which is down for "system maintenance" at the moment), trying to discover any subtle differences I can find between it and the current live engine.  There aren't many.  A lot of people in ...

Digitalsmiths Lets You Search Inside Video

Digitalsmiths claims to have a so-called 'skin detection algorithm' that will allow users of the video search engine to search for dialogue, nude scenes and more... How peculiar.

Surf for Videos Using Twitter - Video Search Twitter Bot

VideoSurf, and innovative video search engine that utilizes computer vision technology (facial recognition) to assist with video indexing , has developed a quick and effective way to search for videos directly within Twitter.  By combining the Twitter API, API, and VideoSurf API, they have created a mashup ...

Microsoft Bing Video Search - A Quick Overview

Microsoft has launched their new Google competitor, bing, complete with video search and everything. The thing is, I don't know what all the hype is about. People are talking about it like it's going to be some actual competition to Google and from what I ...

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