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Video search engine coverage. News about the video search engine sites and general search engines as the pertain to assisting users find online videos. Industry coverage of video search technology, indexing web videos for search engines, video search platforms, universal search, and more about search engines

Truveo’s Pete Kocks – Indexing The Video Web – Part3

This is part 3 from the Video Search Summit Session Titled, "Indexing the Video Web”. Pete Kocks, SVP of talks about Truveo Video Search and the various ways in which a video search engine like Truveo can index online video content.

Metacafe Video Search Undergoes Redesign

I just got an email from Metacafe that they have redesigned their website.  There is a new "popular now" section, a new look to the homepage, and new features coming soon.  The email I received can be found below this screenshot of their new homepage. …

Multimedia Search Engine –

NSC (Natural Speech Communication Ltd.), specializing in speech recognition technology, today announced the launch of Snipp.TV, a multimedia search engine designed for search within online multimedia files ( ). The Beta version of the search engine enables users to search online video and audio files …

The Video Web: Browse, Personalize, and Search

Gary Baker, CEO and Founder of ClipBlast!, a popular video search engine, presents at the 2008 Video Search Summit. Gary talks about ClipBlast, as well as the future of video discovery.

Interview With Frank Sinton, CEO of Mefeedia This is an interview with Frank C. Sinton, CEO and Founder for Mefeedia. Mefeedia is focused on providing personalized recommendations for video content and started initially as a directory of vlogs and video blog websites. Their focus is on viewers. Frank also talks about how to get your videos indexed on Mefeedia.

New Google Universal SERP Layout Discovered

Over at the blog for Serengeti Communications, they posted a screenshot of new Google Universal Search results pages screenshots. I have yet to see this test implementation live. Has anyone seen either this new version or an alternative testing layout. It appears that Google may …

Google’s VisualRank Image Recognition Algorithm

So, how soon before Google and the other main search engines begin to use recognition technologies as primary means in their ranking algorithms for video search? It appears that the first step has been taken by Google in that they are now leading the charge …

Video Interview With Gary Baker of Clipblast At Video Search Summit

Gary talks about Clipblast, the company, and their massive index of videos. Gary also gives some tips on how to get indexed with Clipblast as well as how best to get indexed throughout the world wide web. Gary is one of my favorite speakers and it was a pleasure to interview and meet Gary in person.

Interview With Truveo Regarding Video Search

The following interview was filmed at the 2008 Video Search Summit with Pete Kocks, SVP of Pete gives some tips for video search optimization and discusses the differences between web search and video search. Let us know your thoughts and thank you to Pete …

Study – Video Discovery Goes Beyond Search

Like a contender on American Idol, Web video is asking to be discovered.That's the primary takeaway from a new nationwide survey of online consumers, conducted in March for ClipBlast!, the premier Web-wide video navigation and distribution platform, by Chicago market researcher Synovate. Where video is …

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