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Video search engine coverage. News about the video search engine sites and general search engines as the pertain to assisting users find online videos. Industry coverage of video search technology, indexing web videos for search engines, video search platforms, universal search, and more about search engines

blinkx Doubles The Size of Its Advertising Sales Force

blinkx seems to be doing well financially in that the company just doubled the size of its interactive advertising sales team. According to blinkx, the move was made so as to capitalize on the boom with regard to internet video advertising and the company states ...

Truveo's New Localized Video Search Algorithm

Truveo, the leading video search engine, today announced that it has introduced new localized ranking algorithms for all of the countries it serves with the 17 international Truveo portals. With these new algorithms the order of search results will vary from country to country in ...

Blinkx Launches Advanced Media Platform (AMP)

Blinkx has decided to package and sell parts of the technology it has developed over time for its video search engine, in an attempt to capitalize on the rapidly increasing amount of online video. As they create and license more and more video content, Web ...

Video Search Summit - Stephen Baker Beyond Metadata 1 of 3

Stephen Baker, CRO of, presents "Beyond Metadata; Plugging Multimedia into the Search Economy," at the Video Search Summit in San Francisco, CA. Stephen discusses video search optimization, speech to text technology, and online video monetization. Stephen also talks about how Everyzing is using speech-to-text ...

Stephen Baker On Video SEO - Beyond Metadata 2 of 3 EveryZing's Stephen Baker talks about Video SEO.

Video Search Summit - Stephen Baker Beyond Metadata 3 of 3

Stephen Baker, CRO of, presents "Beyond Metadata; Plugging Multimedia into the Search Economy,” at the Video Search Summit in San Francisco, CA. This is part 3 of 3.  Part 1 Here, Part 2 Here

Truveo's Pete Kocks - Indexing The Video Web - Part3

This is part 3 from the Video Search Summit Session Titled, "Indexing the Video Web”. Pete Kocks, SVP of talks about Truveo Video Search and the various ways in which a video search engine like Truveo can index online video content.

Metacafe Video Search Undergoes Redesign

I just got an email from Metacafe that they have redesigned their website.  There is a new "popular now" section, a new look to the homepage, and new features coming soon.  The email I received can be found below this screenshot of their new homepage. ...

Multimedia Search Engine -

NSC (Natural Speech Communication Ltd.), specializing in speech recognition technology, today announced the launch of Snipp.TV, a multimedia search engine designed for search within online multimedia files ( ). The Beta version of the search engine enables users to search online video and audio files ...

The Video Web: Browse, Personalize, and Search

Gary Baker, CEO and Founder of ClipBlast!, a popular video search engine, presents at the 2008 Video Search Summit. Gary talks about ClipBlast, as well as the future of video discovery.

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