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eCommerce video trends, tips, news, and more. Retail video brings merchants’ products to life in a way that only e-commerce video can, often resulting in higher customer satisfaction and higher retail sales conversion. Learn how e-commerce video benefits internet retailers and stay up to date with the latest in the world of e-commerce video, retail video, product videos, etc… We cover e-commerce video solution providers, video production for retail video purposes, ecommerce video marketing, e-commerce SEO, and much more…

Videos Sell Products – Even If Users Don’t Actually Watch Them

Videos Sell Products – Even If Users Don’t Actually Watch Them

While adding video to your online store isn't exactly new, it is still a medium in its infancy.  Only within the last year or so have retailers begun to wake up to the power of video as a marketing tool that builds customer confidence and …

Maximize ECommerce ROI With “Smart” Product Video Banners

Featuring videos on product pages is becoming an important and popular tool to enhance shoppers' experience and increase sales. There's a new breed of "smart" video banners that take this technique to the next level by ensuring that e-commerce retailers showcase the top-performing product videos.

7 Tips for Adding Website Videos That Sell Products

The widespread availability of broadband and the purchase of YouTube by Google in October 2006 have made online video one of the fastest growing trends on the web in the past three years. Not surprisingly – it's fun, entertaining and accessible – from both a viewer's and …

Creating E-Commerce Videos That Compel Shoppers To Buy

Creating E Commerce Videos That Compel Shoppers To Buy

Last week, I published an interview with Justin Foster, Co-Founder of Liveclicker and founder of the Video Commerce Consortium where he talked about the basic principles for creating e-commerce videos that sell.  Today, I offer up to you an incredibly insightful, in-depth whitepaper authored by …

3 Principles for Creating E-Commerce Video That Sells

With the holiday shopping season in high gear, I'd like to spend some time this week focused on web video for e-commerce. I'll start things off with an interview I did at the Streaming Media West show with my friend Justin Foster, Co-Founder of Liveclicker …

Video Demos Increase Sales Conversions At

Video Demos Increase Sales Conversions At

At the recent Streaming Media West 2009 show, Rico Nasol, Content Team Senior Manager at spoke on the video commerce session about what they're doing with video and how effective it is. It's so interesting that we had to talk about it as well. …

Original Web Video Series = Success for Retail Shopping

The economic uncertainty combined with a shift to digital marketing has lead to more companies jumping on the interactive alternative of online video as part of their brand strategy. The core reasons for digital media's success may be explained in unique areas that cannot be …

Google Rolls Out Video Reviews In Product Search

Google Product Search has always been a pretty sweet little service.  Whenever I'm in the market for a new trinket, such as a digital camera or a new set of headphones, I'll usually head over to Google Product Search.  I can find reviews, the best …

eTailers Improve ROI With Video Says Adobe Scene7 White Paper

A new white paper has been released by Adobe Scene7, the rich-media enterprise solution, detailing how eTailers are using Video to better ROi. I got my hands on it and have the juicy details below (albeit in brief of course) along with my thoughts.

Vzaar Adds HD Video To EBay Selling Manager

Vzaar, the video hosting service, have now got their new eBay Selling Manager Application approved and ready for users. The application is the first eBay approved to bring video capabilities to the platform as well as customizable video players.

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