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eCommerce video trends, tips, news, and more. Retail video brings merchants’ products to life in a way that only e-commerce video can, often resulting in higher customer satisfaction and higher retail sales conversion. Learn how e-commerce video benefits internet retailers and stay up to date with the latest in the world of e-commerce video, retail video, product videos, etc… We cover e-commerce video solution providers, video production for retail video purposes, ecommerce video marketing, e-commerce SEO, and much more…

How To Create An In-House Video Commerce Program, With No Budget!?

How To Create An In House Video Commerce Program, With No Budget!?

Grant Crowell inteviews Jason Arend, PFI Western’s VP of Media and Global Marketing, E-Commerce, and Creative Services. Jason shares his experiences with managing multiple companies’ multi-channel video properties, what he recommends for anyone who is looking to be successful with video in e-commerce today, and his secret for how PFI is doing it for no money. (That’s right, NO MONEY.)

Ecommerce Retailers Split On YouTube Usage = Opportunity

Ecommerce Retailers Split On YouTube Usage = Opportunity

YouTube was originally designed to be user-generated-content-driven. But since it has become the second largest search engine (2008) on the planet, marketers, advertisers and broadcasters have flocked to it. Have the E-tailers followed suit or are they lagging behind? The potential for E-tailers to get …

E-Commerce Video Strategies With The Home Shopping Network

E Commerce Video Strategies With The Home Shopping Network’s Grant Crowell interview’s (Home Shopping Network’s) Director of Digital Content Emery Skolfied, following his presentation at the Video Commerce Summit in Seattle titled, “How HSN advances its video commerce leadership.” Emery talks about HSN’s own patented technology for online video in retail e-commerce, tips based on their own experiences using video with customers, and challenges they ha overcome with better understanding customer behavior.

E-Commerce Video SEO Snapshot Spells Huge Opportunity for Internet Retailers

E Commerce Video SEO Snapshot Spells Huge Opportunity for Internet Retailers

We've seen a lot of research pointing to how effectively video helps increase conversion, sales and revenue for online retailers. But just how well are the online retailers doing from a search engine optimization viewpoint for that same video? Not well according to some recent …

The Growth and Future of Video In E-Commerce: Creativity Versus Psychology

The Growth and Future of Video In E Commerce: Creativity Versus Psychology

I interview Justin Foster, host of the 2010 Video Commerce Summit held in Seattle this past week. Justin talks with me about the reasons for the growth of video in e-commerce, the challenges to overcome, some key issues of discussion and debate, and projections for …

Video SEO and PPC Strategies for E-Commerce Video Online

Video SEO and PPC Strategies for E Commerce Video Online

ReelSEO publisher Mark Robertson was a featured speaker this past week at the 2010 Video Commerce Summit held Seattle, Washington. We’ve included here Mark’s full presentation titled, Building on the Success of Video with New PPC and SEO Strategies, which is also available on Slideshare.

Optimized Video Delivers Success To E-Commerce Retailers

This is the story of two respected e-businesses who deployed video on their websites. One did it with SEO in mind and reaped the rewards in Google rankings and resulting page visits and sales. The other took an enormous cache of video content, uploaded it …

Video Filled The Shopping Cart Up – ECommerce Music Video

ReelSEO’s Grant Crowell reports on the marketing strategy behind the self-made online music video by e-commerce video solutions provider, with their video titled “Video Filled the Shopping Cart.” (a takeoff on MTV’s first-ever video broadcast of “Video Killed the Radio Star” by the Buggles.)

Video E-Commerce and Video SEO for Retailers: The EMarketer Interview

ReelSEO’s Grant Crowell interviews senior eMarketer analyst Jeffrey Grau, author of the recently report, Video E-Commerce, Innovative Models Drive Sales. Jeffrey shares with Grant on how Video SEO also plays a big factor in driving e-commerce for retailers, and the importance to understanding key variables before deciding on a video e-commerce, or “vee-commerce” strategy of one’s own.

Studying E-Commerce Video At The 2010 Internet Retailer Conference and Expo

I'll (Grant Crowell here) be at the 2010 Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition (IRCE) June 8-11, 2010 at the McCormick Place West in downtown Chicago. I plan to report on what are the latest proven technologies and marketing strategies in e-commerce, and how online video …

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