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DreamWorks Teams with YouTube for Daily Web Series

YouTube is partnering with Hollywood production studios, DreamWorks Animation, on a daily web series that will point viewers to the hottest new trends on the world’s largest video search engine. However, is this just a one off deal or is there a new trend that is starting to emerge at YouTube in terms of content creation?
comscore video rankings december 2013

December 2013: Online Content Videos Exceed 50 Billion Monthly Views

December saw a marked rise in online video viewing with 5 billion more views than the previous month. It translated into over 52 billion reported views and over 35 billion video ads, 204 ads per viewer and a total reach of 55.6% of the US population, or roughly 188.25M people.
etch a sketch

Fun Video Friday: Monty Python, Etch-a-Sketch and Headaches

Always wanted to know some true facts about the armadillo, or see just how bad your head can hurt after watching a video, or perhaps look on with envy as someone creates a story on an Etch-a-Sketch better than you ever will? It's Fun Video Friday time!
wwe ott streaming

Hell Yeah: WWE Sees Future of Digital Video

WWE has announced the launch of the WWE Network, a 24/7 streaming resource for wrestling fans which will include reality shows, documentaries, behind the scenes footage and classic matches. There's also a pay-per-view feature for events like Wrestlemania.
toyota vine

5 of the Best Branded Vines of the Week 8th January 2014

The best Vines of the past 7 days include footage of Toyota's snazzy 'i-road', an electric three-wheeler that leans right into the bend as it takes a corner, plus Samsung show us how to protect our mobiles from the freezing cold weather by knitting them a cover.
vimeo html5 player

Vimeo Moves to HTML5 Player, Adds Captions and Subtitles

Indie creator favorite, Vimeo, kick off the new year with a long overdue set of upgrades including the ability to add closed captions and subtitles, plus improved in-player transaction support for creators. Oh, the new HTML5 player is 50% faster too.
dr who iplayer

BBC Confirms Best Ever iPlayer Performance Thanks To Sherlock, Dr Who

BBC iPlayer viewing on tablets overtook PCs and laptops for the first time ever over the Christmas period. The service also received the most download requests in its history with the Dr Who Special generating 2 million unique downloads across all devices.
4od youtube

UK Broadcaster Channel 4 Removes All Long-form YouTube Content

UK broadcaster Channel 4 has removed all their long-form content from their 4 main YouTube channels, in a bid to drive viewers to their Video on Demand service, 4oD. Shows like The IT Crowd, The Inbetweeners and Come Dine with Me are no longer accessible to YouTube users.
4k youtube

YouTube Commits to VP9-supported 4K, Asks LG & Sony Along for the Ride

Google has been trying to get their own video codec off the ground for years and it looks like they finally have the weight of the industry behind them as they demonstrate VP9 enabled 4K video streaming for YouTube at next week's CES show in Las Vegas.
selfie shoot out video ad

The Top 20 Global Online Video Ads For December 2013

Christmas themes dominated the Top 20 most shared video ads for December 2013, of course, but YouTube Rewind 2013, Jean-Claude Van Damme's splits and those everlasting Evian Babies also made an appearance.
lil bub

Fun Video Friday: Of Course It's The Christmas Edition

Christmas is just days away so we finally get to do a Christmas edition of Fun Video Friday at last. Albeit one that features Chuck Norris doing Van Damme, Godzilla fighting off King Kong and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and Google blackmailing everybody of course.
youtube rewind 2013

YouTube Rewind 2013: A Peek Behind The Curtain With Portal A

YouTube Rewind 2013 has already attracted 44 million views in 9 days for a video that revels in the most innovative and infamous moments on YouTube in the past year. We take a look behind the scenes with Portal A who created and produced for the video for YouTube.
youtube ads rewind 2013

YouTube Ads Rewind 2013: The Ads You Chose To Watch

YouTube has already given us their top moments in online video content for 2013, and now they show us the video ads that made the most impact with viewers over the past year. These are the ads we shared, posted, tweeted and talked about.
big ideas

Will 2014 Really Be The Year Of The Tech/Media Merge?

LinkedIn's Big Idea List for 2014 includes the proposition that the big tech and media companies will merge even further to produce unique, original content across different platforms. But how viable a concept is this?