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budweiser puppy love

Budweiser's "Puppy Love" Takes Super Bowl Ad Trophy with 1.3m Shares

Budweiser's "Puppy Love" commercial not only won the hearts and minds of the viewers of Super Bowl 2014, it also generated the most shares across the internet - an incredible 1.31 million according to Unruly. That makes it the 6th most shared Super Bowl ad of all time.
horizon app

Never Worry About Another Portrait-oriented Video Again with Horizon

Sick of creating videos in portrait mode when you meant to capture your footage in landscape? Tired of trying to film at an odd angle and the camera keeps auto-rotating? There's a new video app on the market for iOS users that might make all those issues a thing of the past.
colorado super bowl ad

And Here are the Super Bowl Ads You Didn't Get to See

We know all about the Super Bowl ads that did make it to air yesterday, before, during and just after the game. But what about those ads that didn't make it through, or were only seen by a tiny audience, or were never made in the first place.....
tim tebow tmobile

8 Best Branded Instagram Videos of the Week: 3rd February 2014

Considering almost every brand created at least some kind of content around the Super Bowl, very few turned to Instagram video to do so. That aside, we bring you 8 of the best branded short-form videos of the week from the site from Oreo, Toyota, Cadbury and MTV.

4K and the New Entertainment Ecosystem: Hype or Reality?

Online video has come a long way since 1080p hit the scene, and many players in the industry have been working to jump ahead of the curve on quality ever since. Following YouTube's 4K announcement, what does this mean for content creators and the wider industry?
peanuts super bowl

Fun Video Friday: May Include Super Bowl Content

Our fun videos of the week include another NFL bad lip reading, a trip back in time from Delta Airlines, a new trailer for the LEGO movie, a Larry David insult compilation and a very patriotic version of the National Anthem - from the Peanuts gang.
animal toyota

6 Best Branded Vines of the Week: 29th January 2014

As Vine enters its second year, we bring you some of the best branded short-form clips of the best 7 days including a far from boring appearance by the Muppets, a snowboarders eye-view of the Winter XGames and Ford's big fun with a not so little truck.
super bowl 2014 online

Your Week in Live-streaming: Super Bowl 2014 Online

Desperate to watch the Denver Broncos face up to the Seattle Seahawks this Sunday but won't be near a TV set? If you have a PC, a Mac, an iPad or an iPhone available then you'll still be able to watch a live-stream of the game wherever you are.
vimeo 2013

Vimeo 2013: 4.9 Billion Video Plays, 22 Million Members

YouTube Rewind 2013 was a very flashy affair but Vimeo want us to work a little harder to uncover the facts, figures, videos, creators and staff projects that made 2013 such a great year for the site. Have a play and see what you can discover.

7 Best Branded Instagram Videos of the Week: 28th January 2014

Michelle Obama slam dunks along with the best, Daft Punk get lucky at the Grammy Awards, the Muppet's shock us out of boredom and Ben & Jerry show us how their delicious ice cream gets to our freezer. These and other best Instagram Videos of the past 7 days.