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Mobile video – News, Tips, and trends for mobile video. Mobie video usage has taken off mobile broadband networks, 3G, etc… Combined with access to mobile devices like the iPhone, Palm, and other mobile devices capable of mobile video playback, mobile video proliferation has grown to new heights and continues to grow. Learn about the newest technologies and news related to mobile video at ReelSEO.

How Rapid Growth In Mobile Technology and HTML 5 Will Impact Video

Michael Boland, Program Director of Mobile Local Media at the Kelsey Group, speaks with us at SES San Jose 2009 about how rapid growth in mobile technology and html5 will impact video in the future.

Simultaneous IPhone, Web and TV Live Video? Wowza!

Telestream and Wowza have shined light on a deal between them that will offer live video production and universal streaming to the iPhone, Web and TV. That is something to say Wowza! about!

Akamai Delivers Optimizied Video To IPhone

The new iPhone 3GS means you've got a whole new slew of options in regards to video. Without Flash capabilities on the iPhone our options were extremely limited, but now Akamai is working to fix that problem.

Kyte Introduces Video Publishing App for IPhone 3GS

With the iPhone 3GS out in the wild now it's time for us all to get down to the business of iPhone video creation. Thanks to Kyte's Mobile Producer you've now got a way to upload videos quickly right from the iPhone 3GS and they …

YouTube Mobile Uploads Increase Exponentially

YouTube has recently stated that mobile uploads have been soaring over the last six month with over a 1700% increase. Since the iPhone 3GS was released daily uploads increased 400%. I'm curious what people are uploading that they think is so fascinating.

Brightcove Dives Into Mobile Video With Qik

Brightcove, has decided to test the waters of mobile video and determined that it's warm enough to dive into. So they recently announced, via their blog, that Qik has signed on as a partner service.

Mobile Video IP Traffic To Surge 500% Through 2013

So it seems that mobile video is becoming a driving force behind IP traffic. What does that mean exactly? Well it means that a lot of people are watching video on their mobiles through the data networks and Internet.

Mobile Video and Mobile TV To Soar Over The Next 5 Years

According to research recently released in a new report from Pyramid Research, titled "Mobile Video Services: A Five-Year Global Market Forecast," mobile video usage will rise at a compound annual growth rate of 28% over the next 5 years.   By 2014, more than 500 million …

iPhone 3Gs Mobile Video Capabilities – Recording, Editing, Publishing and Streaming?

In the past, we covered mobile video apps for the iPhone 3G and we've talked about the iPhone's built-in support for HD video.  For those of you that are unaware, Apple is working on new software for the iPhone (version 3.0) which is expected to …

Hulu App for The IPhone? Some Say Yes

Hulu is perhaps one of the coolest and rapidly rising stars in the online video world. Let's face it, the combination of FOX and NBC is a win. Now we look at the latest piece of tech that's taken the world by storm…oh would that …

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