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Viral Video Genius Quits Day Job for Online Video

"Viral Video Genius" Nalts, well known in the online video world as one of YouTube's most prolific viral video creators and YouTube comedians, led two separate lives until last week, when the two worlds recently collided and he was outed as a Consumer Product Director ...

Viral Video Marketing Disasters: How NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice Failed

Viral videos today are a great opportunity for profitable marketing. Yet so many people in traditional advertising today are missing the point of what makes a viral video successful. ReelSEO's Grant Crowell and Mark Robertson give their review of this past week's episode of "Celebrity ...

Will-It-Blend: Blendtec's George Wright on Viral Video Marketing Strategies

Will It Blend: Blendtecs George Wright on Viral Video Marketing Strategies

At the PubCon conference in Las Vegas, we caught up with George Wright, VP of Sales and Marketing for Blendtec. You might know them better by the viral video marketing sensation, WillitBlend. George shares some tips and strategies for producing successful online viral video marketing campaigns.

Jack and Hill - Jack Nicholson’s Online Video Goes Viral

The online video through which Hollywood star Jack Nicholson has tendered his support to Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign has become a huge hit. Insiders at the video-sharing web site, YouTube, have revealed that the video was viewed by more than 2 million people ...