Live Video Streaming

Live streaming video is about streaming video content and broadcasting it live over the Internet. Here we will cover news and trends for live video streaming and live video chat. We will cover companies such as,,, Skype, and other live streaming platforms. We will also cover tips for live streaming whether it be mobile live streaming, live video chat, HTTP live streaming, live streaming TV, and more…

Livestream Helps Stream Live Video To IPhone

Yes you can now, thanks to Livestream and their Procaster application, stream live to the iPhone. Well actually you have to stream to your iPhone website and then iPhone users can pick up the streams from there.

Livestream APIs and Brightcove Integration

Livestream, formerly Mogulus, have released a set of open APIs for the service expanding the ability to integrate it into your online video strategy. Plus the service is also now able to integrate its live streaming with the Brightcove video player.

You Want To Host Your Own Live Online Video Show?

Who doesn't have dreams of creating their own video show and pushing it out to the masses, getting it picked up by a major media outlet and having it turn into their 15 minutes of fame? Heck, even I do!

Open Video Conference – Watch The Live Coverage The Open Video Conference is a two-day gathering of global leaders in technology, business, public policy, art, and activism to explore the future of video on the web.

Mogulus Is Dead (figuratively), Long Live Livestream

Mogulus, which always sounded to me like a beast from the Jabberwocky along with the jub-jub bird and the Bandersnatch, is no longer. Well it is, however it has been slain through and through and risen up from its own ashes, a la the Phoenix, …

Mogulus Launches Free Live Video Streaming Software – Procaster

Mogulus today announced the launch of PROCASTER, a free software download  that allows digital media creators and producers to create live streaming video content with incredible ease and unprecedented production value. With PROCASTER, users can now stream video content in true-to-life high definition from their …

Stream Straight To Mogulus and UStream

Mogulus recently announced that you can now stream directly to the site thanks to the Telestream Wirecast webcasting production software. With the latest version of the software (trial available here) you can now stream live events directly to your Mogulus channel. That's pretty cool come …

New Year’s Eve Celebration From Times Square Via Mogulus

Mogulus and The Times Square Corporation have teamed up in order to broadcast this year's New Year's Eve celebration live tonight from Times Square in New York City live to online viewers everywhere.  Anyone with access to a Wi-Fi network, an iPod, or Internet connection …

Robust Live Streaming Video Platform for Professionals – Mogulus Pro

Mogulus allows producers to stream live, linear and pre-recorded internet television anywhere on the web via their player widget.  As of a recent announcement, they now offer two versions, the Free, ad-supported version and the Pro version. The Pro version was only recently announced and …

Youtube Confirms Plans for Live Video Streaming

YouTube co-founder Steve Chen has confirmed that the 800 pound gorilla of the online video world plans to add a live video feature sometime in 2008. Chen spoke with video-blogger Sarah Meyers recently.

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