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Live streaming video is about streaming video content and broadcasting it live over the Internet. Here we will cover news and trends for live video streaming and live video chat. We will cover companies such as,,, Skype, and other live streaming platforms. We will also cover tips for live streaming whether it be mobile live streaming, live video chat, HTTP live streaming, live streaming TV, and more…

TWiT Live Streaming and Video SEO – Insights With Leo Laporte

TWiT Live Streaming and Video SEO – Insights With Leo Laporte

While in Las Vegas for Blogworld 2010, I had a pleasure of speaking with Leo Laporte.  Leo is a widely respected technology journalist, and is the President of TWiT (This Week in Tech) Network.  We touched on a variety of topics, including why he chose ...

YouTube Helps Conan O'Brien Promote Show With 24-Hour Live Stream

YouTube Helps Conan OBrien Promote Show With 24 Hour Live Stream

If you've spent any time on the Internet in the last six months, you probably know that Conan O'Brien has a new talk show debuting on TBS next month.  There have been some amazing viral clips from Conan, and tons of press coverage.  And now... ... Offers Live Streaming Video iPhone App Offers Live Streaming Video iPhone App

Perhaps they're trying to shake that reputation of being a place to find illegal sports and television streams or perhaps they really just want to cater to iPhone users who want to live stream events. Either way, they've launched a new app on the iPhone ...

YouTube Running Live-Streaming Service Trial Today and Tomorrow

YouTube Running Live Streaming Service Trial Today and Tomorrow

YouTube is running a live-streaming test today and tomorrow, in the biggest step yet toward the video portal offering a full streaming service.  The test started this morning at 11:00a.m. Eastern Standard Time, and continues through tomorrow evening.

UFC Sues UStream and Justin.TV Over Live Streaming Copyright Infringement

Copyright infringement is still one of the biggest headaches that video hosting sites deal with on a regular basis--you might have heard about a long legal battle that YouTube spent millions to win.  Most video portals, like YouTube, have gone to great lengths to demonstrate ...

UStream Not Worried By Prospect of YouTube Live Video Service

UStream co-founder and CEO, John Ham, sat down and talked with TechCrunch's Jason Kinkaid recently to discuss the future of live streaming video on the web—and the looming prospect of YouTube jumping into that arena.  It's a pretty interesting read, and I suggest you check ...

Video Chat Platforms - Choosing The One That’s Right for You

Video Chat Platforms   Choosing The One That’s Right for You

ReelSEO's Grant Crowell talks with author and popular video expert Steve Garfield about choosing the best video chat solutions for your online marketing and business needs, including getting best production quality, and what he sees as the “next big thing” with web video chat technology in online marketing.

Is YouTube Moving Into The Live Video Streaming Market?

A few weeks ago I wrote an article here at ReelSEO entitled Speculation On What YouTube's 6th Year Might Bring.  It was around the time of their 5th anniversary fanfare, and was intended as a playful look at some of YouTube's possible future moves.  I ...

Livestream Says NO To Piracy, Points Fingers At Competitors

Livestream recently let loose a seriously long-winded open letter to content and event owners seeking to find a streaming partner. In it they included a 'zero tolerance' statement about piracy and a lot of finger pointing at other major live streaming sites.

The Impact of 2010's Live Streaming State of The Union Address

As if you were not already aware, tonight's State of the Union is bound to make history—perhaps more for its presentation and interactivity than for the contents of its message. A few weeks back, I breathlessly raved about how YouTube was going to live stream ...