Video & The Law

Legal Video Guide – Learn tips for important legal issues with online video for commercial use. Here we offer news and insights into copyright infringement, fair use, trademark, right of publicity, right of privacy, defamation, trade secrets, waivers and releases – and how all of this relates to web video and digital media. Here you will find trends, tips, and insights with real attorneys and legal professionals in internet and new media law, intellectual property law, entertainment law.

Does YouTube Not Give A S**t About Ethical Business People?

Months ago I warned of an increasing number of online video solution providers copycatting the YouTube logo to create "initial-interest confusion" with consumers. Has YouTube finally started cracking down on this deceptive practice in the industry of video and SEO? Or are they  continuing to ...

Fighting Video Harassment and Video Cyber-bullying

Is someone using video to harass, defame, or threaten you online? If so, what can you do about it? One such person talks with ReelSEO about her recent experience, how she was able to get it stopped, and shares her tips on how to fight ...

Video Trademark Copycats On YouTube – Legal or Illegal?

There is a growing trend of online video companies that are featuring derivatives of the YouTube logo for their own brand;. Perhaps this is done to imply to customers and prospects of  a special business affiliation the company has with YouTube, and also an implied ...

Choosing An Online Video Marketing Attorney

Attorney David Adler, Partner with The Adler Law Group in Chicago, shares his expertise with ReelSEO on what criteria companies who are publishing and promoting video online should look for in choosing legal counsel, to help them protect their assets.

Online Video and The Law (for Video Search Marketing Dummies)

ReelSEO's Grant Crowell hosts this special podcast highlighting legal issues involved with marketing video online.. Grant shares his own research and interviews with several intellectual property attorney, who are also all speakers at search marketing conferences.

Online Video, Search Marketers and Legal Issues – Interview With Deborah Wilcox

In our continued legal series, ReelSEO's Grant Crowell interviews Deborah Wilcox, partner with the law firm Baker Hostetler and co-chair of the firm's Intellectual Property Litigation Practice. Deborah is one of the longest-standing speakers for search engine marketing conferences on legal issues, having spoken at ...

Online Video Marketing's Legal Issues – Interview With Jonathan Moskin

ReelSEO's Grant Crowell interviews attorney and intellectual property expert, Johnathan Moskin, on what are the most important legal issues today with online video marketing, and what all businesses should educate themselves on before publishing and promoting their video content on the Web.

Fighting IP Extremism With Online Video – The Lawrence Lessig Interview

Fighting IP Extremism With Online Video – The Lawrence Lessig Interview

We caught up with Professor Lawrence Lessig, founder of Stanford Law school's Center for Internet and Society, and the opening Keynote Speaker the Search Engine Strategies Chicago 2008 conference for "Remix: Making Art and Commerce Thrive in the Hybrid Economy”. We asked Professor Lessing if ...

Legal Considerations for Video Marketing – Interview With IP Attorney Mark Rosenberg

Mark Rosenberg intellectual property attorney and Search Engine Strategies Chicago conference speaker, shares with us the important legal issues that both companies and Video SEO professionals need to consider, especially before they even get started with making and promoting video content online.

Video SEO and "Defensive Reputation Management"

In an extension from our original article on online reputation management with video, ReelSEO's Grant Crowell recently interviewed Jordan Glogau, speaker from the Search Marketing Expo East conference in New York earlier this month, on the panel "Search and Reputation Management." Jordan is the SEO ...

Innovative Lawyers Use Online Video To Get New Clients

Previously, we had covered some interesting research regarding the power of online video for attorneys and lawyers.  According to the research presented, consumers are more apt to choose an attorney that offers an online video on their website. Specifically, consumers typically visit an average of ...