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Online Video Events and Conferences. ReelSEO coverage of internet video and multimedia web conferences and events. Streaming media conferences, OMMA, Adtech, online video platform summit, open video conference, and many other online video related conferences and events.

Why Aren’t More Search Marketers Doing Video SEO?

Erika Blackwell, contributing guest reporter for ReelSEO at the Search Engine Strategies Chicago 2008 conference asked the panelists on the session, Video Search Optimization: "What do you see as the main obstacles to why more search marketers aren't doing Video SEO?"

Video SEO Tips for Live Search – Interview With Jeremiah Andrick caught up with Jeremiah Andrick, Program Manager for Microsoft’s Live Search at the PubCon 2008 conference in Las Vegas. In this interview, Jeremiah talks about some recent enhancements to Microsoft’s live video search product and offers some good advice to video content owners looking to make sure that their videos are crawled and indexed by Microsoft Live Video Search.

Will It Blend (for 50 Bucks)? The ‘budget Myth’ About A Popular Viral Video Campaign

One of the myths with viral video marketing perpetuated by both search marketing pundits and mainstream media is an example they give about a wildly successful viral video campaign, claiming it was done with only chump change, so anyone else with just their own creative …

Personalizing Video Analytics for Campaign Success – Interview With Omniture’s CEO Josh James

We interviewed Josh James, CEO and Co-Founder of the online analytics and business optimization firm Omniture after his keynote presentation at Search Engine Strategies Chicago, Avoiding the Chasm of "Anticipointment, and asked him, is it possible to do a video ad campaign that offers personalized, relevant …

Optimizing Video Press Releases – The Greg Jarboe Interview

I recently interviewed Greg Jarboe, President and Co-Founder of the public relations and search optimization agency, SEO-PR, about his professional client work on optimizing video in press releases, including for news wire services. Greg is also speaking at SES Chicago 2008 on several sessions, includingTurning …

SES Search Usability Panel’s Recommendations for Video SEO

ReelSEO's Contributing Guest Reporter Erika Blackwell continues her coverage of the Search Engine Strategies Chicago 2008 conference, and asks the Usability and SEO Panel – What usability tip do they recommend to clients when it comes to featuring video on their website? The panel's reply: …

Hosted Video SEO – Tips for Website Video Search Engine Optimization

Last month, I had the pleasure of being invited to speak at the 2008 PubCon conference in Las Vegas Nevada on the Video Search Engine Optimization panel along with our Media Analyst, Grant Crowell.  For my presentation, I decided to focus on what I like …

Search Engine Strategies Chicago 2008 – A Video SEO Preview

ReelSEO, will be providing coverage of the Search Engine Strategies 2008 Conference and Expo,December 8-11, 2008 at the Chicago Hilton Hotel. Coverage will include blogging, podcast, and video clips on video marketing sessions and speakers prior to, during, and after the conference.

Video Search Marketing for Local Business – Kelsey Group Conference

Listen to ReelSEO Mark Robertson's special report from the recently completed Kelsey Group 2008 Conference in Santa Clara, California, and Mark's take on how the present and future of online video marketing for small-to-medium businesses is really more of a local search play.

Video Search Engine Optimization Website Design

Most beginners treat video search engine optimization as just submitting clips to YouTube and other video sharing sites. However, real video SEO is especially about optimizing video content on a website that YOU control and manage. Watch, listen and learn from ReelSEO's Grant Crowell on …

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