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User Generated Video Platforms - "Show Me The Money"

User Generated Video Platforms   Show Me The Money

Grant Crowell offer's this "Grant's Rant" from the adtech conference in San Francisco last week.  He asks the question; Can user-generated video content be monetized so as to generate a positive ROI?  Is it too early to be have this expectation? Grant says it is time; ...

Video Production for Real Estate - Interview With WellcomeMat

Video Production for Real Estate   Interview With WellcomeMat This is an interview with, an online video production network specifically focused on the Real Estate industry and I had the pleasure of interviewing both co-founders of the business - Christian Sterner and Phil Thomas DiGiulio at the Kelsey Group's Interactive Local Media Conference.

Spotmixer Interview With John Love - Online Video for SMBs

Spotmixer Interview With John Love   Online Video for SMBs

We interviewed John Love, Co-Founder and CEO of OneTrueMedia and spotmixer and discussed online video production and online video marketing for SMBs, in particular with SpotMixer. John talks to us about those categories that Spotmixer sees as early-adopters in the space in terms of SMBs that are gravitating more quickly to online video.

Video Agencies' Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Four online video production agencies for small businesses shared their perspectives and tips for small businesses  at the Search Engine Strategies conference on the panel, Using Video in Small Business Marketing, moderated by The Kelsey Group's Michael Boland.

Video Now Passing Search In Total Views

Online video views are now surpassing searches performed on the top 5 search engines, according to the most recent two months of stats released by comScore. In October 2008, 12.6 total billion searches were made – as compared to 13.5 billion videos viewed. "Video is ...

Interview With Jivox's Diaz Nesamoney - Online Video Advertising for SMBs

Interview With Jivoxs Diaz Nesamoney   Online Video Advertising for SMBs

We interviewed Diaz Nesamoney, the CEO and Founder of Jivox, for a short on-camera interview. Diaz talks to us about what differentiates their solution when compared to other video marketing solutions available to SMBs.

Brad Inman of TurnHere Offers Advice for Filmmakers

Brad Inman of TurnHere Offers Advice for Filmmakers

We caught up with Brad Inman, of TurnHere, outside of the session for a quick interview. Brad talks to us about the genesis of TurnHere, their recent launch of custom voice-over capabilities, the importance of optimization when it comes to the future of online video marketing for SMBs, and what is in store for the future of TurnHere.

Will It Blend (for 50 Bucks)? The 'budget Myth' About A Popular Viral Video Campaign

One of the myths with viral video marketing perpetuated by both search marketing pundits and mainstream media is an example they give about a wildly successful viral video campaign, claiming it was done with only chump change, so anyone else with just their own creative ...

Personalizing Video Analytics for Campaign Success - Interview With Omniture's CEO Josh James

We interviewed Josh James, CEO and Co-Founder of the online analytics and business optimization firm Omniture after his keynote presentation at Search Engine Strategies Chicago, Avoiding the Chasm of "Anticipointment, and asked him, is it possible to do a video ad campaign that offers personalized, relevant ...

Optimizing Video Press Releases – The Greg Jarboe Interview

I recently interviewed Greg Jarboe, President and Co-Founder of the public relations and search optimization agency, SEO-PR, about his professional client work on optimizing video in press releases, including for news wire services. Greg is also speaking at SES Chicago 2008 on several sessions, includingTurning ...

Hosted Video SEO - Tips for Website Video Search Engine Optimization

Last month, I had the pleasure of being invited to speak at the 2008 PubCon conference in Las Vegas Nevada on the Video Search Engine Optimization panel along with our Media Analyst, Grant Crowell.  For my presentation, I decided to focus on what I like ...

Online Video Explosion - Local Video Production and Marketing for Businesses

SuperForum II: Local Video Explosion - This is the Kelsey Group's ILM:08 conference session that we were most excited about covering.  This is a great panel session with several leaders in local online video marketing solutions. Brad Inman, Chairman and Founder of TurnHere is up ...

iPhone Local Search Application Demos At Kelsey Group's ILM:08

Right now I am in a  session that is showcasing local search apps for the iPhone. Again, some of you may be wondering why the coverage of local search and local interactive media.  Well, in all honesty, I believe that local search + online video ...

Kelsey Group's ILM:08 Day 2 - New Takes On Local Audience Targeting

It's day 2 of the Kelsey Group's ILM:08 conference and we had a great first day. Aside from the sessions and panels that were extremely informative on the state of interactive local media, we also had the pleasure to interview several folks in the local ...

Kelsey ILM:08 - Opening Keynote - Deja Vu - All Over Again

The opening keynote is being presented by Mark Canon, President of New Media, - which owns in the US.  He was previously the founder of Switchboard, worked on AOL search, and was the SVP at Autobytel. The title of his presentation is "Deja ...