How do you create and submit a Video Sitemap to Google for Video SEO?  How can you attempt to get your videos indexed into Google video, web, and universal search?  These questions and more were answered in ReelSEO's recent webinar: "Make Your Videos Discoverable – Google Video Sitemaps Best Practices!" We had Google on-board to help present and the following is a recap of the webinar.

Video Sitemaps Best Practices - Featuring Google

A little less than 2 weeks ago, we conducted a successful webinar (with more than 1000 registrants and 450 attendees) all about best practices for using video sitemaps for website video SEO. The world's largest search engine teamed up with ReelSEO to provide the best possible information on what a video sitemap is, what it should include, where to submit it and how to get the most out of it.

Nelson Lee, Product Manager for Google Videos, provided several valuable tips for video sitemaps and talked about how to overcome some common issues that he has observed first-hand.  Following the presentation, we had more than an hour of Q&A from attendees.

Google Video Sitemaps Webinar Video Recording

As promised, the following is a complete recording of the Google Video Sitemaps webinar.

The video has the following sections, which you are welcome to skip directly to, using the links below:

In addition to the recording, you are welcome to download the presentation from slideshare here. If you have any questions about the webinar or about video sitemaps that weren't addressed already in the webinar (IE - I wont answer questions that you could get the answer to just by watching the video above) feel free to ask those questions below in the comments area.

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Thank You

Some thank you's are appropriate here. To start, thank you to all of our readers for your ongoing support and please keep that up. We are doing our best to provide quality information for anyone that is interested in online video.  I hope that you are able to benefit from this webinar and we'll be announcing another one soon. Of course, special thanks to both Nelson Lee and Amy MacIsaac from Google for being a part of this webinar.

Video Sitemaps Resources:

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Google Resources:

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  • Patrick

    Hi Mark,

    I have read that you do not want to embed the exact video on multiple pages on your site, is this correct? If we are not yet at a place to go with a completely separate SEO site than how would you suggest handling the following issue.We have quite a few product videos which can be applied to several products (i.e. we have a widget which comes in 6", 8", 9", 12" etc..) our current set up which I realize is not the best is that each product has an individual product page. Initially we were going to embed the same video on the product page for the 6", 8", 9" and 12" model so this would mean 4 pages would have the same video embedded. Should we create individual unique videos for the 6", 8", 9", 12"? Based on the information above it sounds like we should not embed the exact product video on all 4 product pages, is this correct? We you suggest an optimized video landing page which links back to relevant product pages (i.e. put links on this optimized video page back to the 6", 8", 9", 12" product pages) do you like this approach, the down side is that if we supplied this url in our video site map than the SERP would not be going to our product page and would be going to this newly created landing page which would cause an additional click to the user to get to the product page.One more question on this topic, how do you handle a page which could have multiple videos on it. For example if you had a product page and you had a product review video for that product and you had a how to guide video for that product? I imagine you would not want to have two videos on a single page.ThanksPatrick

  • KatrinKuhn

    Can it be added to a wordpress websites like this one? 
    If yes where can i i purchase it . I don't want to add any videos to my regular xml sitemap

  • KatrinKuhn

    Can it be added to a wordpress websites like this one? 
    If yes where can i i purchase it . I don't want to add any videos to my regular xml sitemap

  • Craig Hartzel

    Has Yoast launched his WordPress Video site map generator yet? If so, where can I purchase it?

  • Damien Moye

    So wait, you can submit any site map, no matter the content, as long as reasonably and appropritate?

  • Elise

    what if there is NO expiration for the video. What should you put on the tag?

    • Mark Robertson

      you dont need the tag so just dont include it..

  • Simon N. Reynolds

    Great Video! definitely explained video sitemaps, which i was having trouble understanding some of the finer points..

    Really interesting that you brought up the point about vimeo using iframe to embed video, i wonder if they will change this as their default now that video SEO is becoming more prominent..

    Nelson mentioned that Thumbnails are required, but then said that google would generate their own thumbnail if this wasnt present? therefore meaning it should be more "recommended" rather than "required" ?

    I would really like a WordPress Plug in that creates a Video Sitemap for any video embedded in a post/page, if anyone knows of one i would love ot hear!

    • Mark Robertson

      Thanks Simon... First off - WordPress plugin... about to announce some great news about that this week. Should be available in about a month but will be well worth the wait.

      As for Vimeo - if you didnt already see it -

      Good point on the thumbnail... I have seen instances whereby if I provide them access to the file, despite also giving them a chosen thumbnail, they "Extract" one from the file, but....

    • halfacat

      Were you able to find a wordpress plugin that handles embedded videos? I am looking around and not finding anything that works yet.

      • Mark Robertson

        see the comment just above your question.... That is exactly what Im working on and should launch next month....

  • Amardeep Sian

    One of the best practices was that the URL needs to be unique. Can you use the same URL but have a unique parameter, eg. which will push the video id to the player to play that unique video?

    • Mark Robertson

      you know, Im not a coder, but would this be server side - IE, would the source code at the URL you provided contain the actual full player or just javascript?

  • Mtn Jim Fisher

    ok Mark. I'm convinced of the importance of google video sitemaps. didn't make it all thru the webinar, but now I'm looking for ways to create them easier...:-)what do you think of the Google Video Sitemap WP Plugin? googlevideositemap Dot com thanks,Mtn Jim

    • Mark Robertson

      Mtn Jim.... So - the plugin that you are talking about does work for video that you are yourself in possession of (IE - doesn't work for 3rd Party embedded video at this time). There is another plugin that works and is Free, though not quite as robust as the plugin you are discussing, and that is FLV-embed which you can find if you search "FLV-embed" in Google. It has not been updated in some time but if you know how to code a bit - you could easily make that one work as well.

      Other than that, I will say that Im about to announce something as well for WordPress that will be endorsed by ReelSEO and built by the leading authority on WordPress SEO. I expect that we will have the plugin available within the next 30 days and I will likely announce it in the coming week or so. Should be exciting as I believe it will be the most powerful solution for WordPress video SEO to-date.

      All that being said - YES - that plugin works well for video sitemaps.

      • Roscoe Ferguson

        Mark, any update on the wordpress plugin you mention here?

  • Dwilliams

    Thanks for posting the video sitemaps Webinar. I attended the Webinar but couldn't take notes fast enough to keep up with all the great information. You did a fantastic job and went above and beyond the call by sticking around to answer so many questions. Great job!

    • Mark Robertson

      Thanks D

  • Team Buto

    Really useful, and good to hear we're doing it right "from the horses' mouth" so to speak.We took all of this and made it a 'one-click' option within Buto - check the feature out

    • Mark Robertson

      congrats team buto.... great feature for your customers and Im thrilled that we might have helped in some way...