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For the few weeks I have had the opportunity to test a beta version of VideoWildFire, a new tool released this week from Roger and Shaun Hurley.

Ive used most of the video uploading and syndication platforms, web-based as well as software for the PC. While I do love Tubemogul for the statistics and advanced features that it provides, this new software is extremely useful, effective, and saves a ton of effort. It is kind of like a complicated macro that faciliates the signup, and upload process. The one difference between VideoWildFire and some others is that it also submits your message to social bookmarking and social networking sites as well as to blog and RSS directories.

The tool enables you to manage accounts with 50 video sharing platforms, making joining, submitting and editing a breeze. After you sign up for these sites using their tool which walks you through each registration, it then lets you submit your video to 50 Video sharing websites, including youtube, googlevideo, myspacetv, facebook, gather and dailymotion.

It also comes with:

  • Tag suggestion tool (related tags from Del. Tech. etc)
  • Social Bookmarking Poster to 25 top bookmarking sites (delicious etc) - accounts already pre-loaded
  • Automatic pinging to 35 Blog and RSS directories

That is a total of 110 websites for your video marketing campaign. They also released a 98 page report on social media marketing that provides a template for online video marketing and video search engine optimization or video SEO.

Here is a short promo video clip about the software:

Right now, there is a special offer for ReelSEO readers - One weeks FREE membership to VideoWildfire with access to the whole system and a special launch offer of only $19.99 per mont thereafter. You can sign up at

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  • SBRtv Judie

    What's going on with this site now? Have they closed down and are there any other video upload sites that people would recommend?

  • EasySixFigureIncome

    Is this like EasyVideoPlayer??  This software allows you to do split testing and host your videos on Amazon S3.  For membership sites that only want to offer videos to paying customers.